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Customized Learning Modules For Easy Understanding By The Specially-abled

Acadecraft curates reliable special education modules for valued clients worldwide.
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Key Issues

With the advent of technology and transformation in education, the specially-abled have somewhere stayed behind in learning. However, professional eLearning vendors and several education institutions meet their learning objectives through special education services. Designing special education modules is tricky. So, clients seek professional expertise.

But not all are equipped with resources and tools to deliver special education. Connecting with the differently-abled audience is not easy, and many agencies lack the specialized expertise and tools needed. Hence, they fail to engage them with interactive lessons, accessible learning solutions, and more. They do not have trained professionals who meet all the specific teaching aids. So, clients must carefully choose the service they wish to partner with before accepting their services.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft is a leading eLearning developer in Australia. We have qualified professionals who deliver individualized eLearning modules to clients. We provide general education content for academic institutions. These solutions are flexible and streamline the learning process. We help clients overcome the training challenges they face in educating the specially abled. Our eLearning developers curate personalized learning programs, engaging courses, and other learning solutions for easy understanding. Acadecraft supplements your classroom materials with printed materials, activities, books, and charts. We allow clients to connect with learners seeking special education via unique platforms. Our special education programs effectively engage learners through virtual workshops, advanced classroom techniques, activities, and games. Professional developers create strategies, which are specially designed for students with special needs. Utilizing cutting-edge solutions and advanced technologies, we aim to meet every learners' learning objectives. Therefore, clients count on us for 24/7 service delivery worldwide.

Types Of Special Education Solutions

At Acadecraft, we have valued professionals who develop customized special education modules for eLearning. They design various special education solutions.

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Structured Teaching

Acadecraft creates affordable eLearning packages for clients in the form of structured teaching. It includes virtual workshops, work systems, and practical strategies to support specially-abled learners better.

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Individual Education Plans (IEP)

Acadecraft offers educational plans that determine the required measures needed to enhance individual educational needs. It helps clients create individual learning plans that improve the retention and understanding capacity of their specially-abled learners.

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Teachers' Toolkit

Acadecraft offers inclusive education to support the communication needs of learners with little or no speech. It entails easy to use learning tools aligned to the academic curriculum that helps clients impart quality education to learners with speech difficulties.

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I CAN Network

Developers provide peer-to-peer mentoring, motivational talks and professional development strategies to clients. It focuses on their specially-abled learners. We help clients create an educational model for them that promote holistic learning.

Clients we serve

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Our platform provides new training opportunities via digital technologies and IT tools to the eLearning sector. We enhance classroom eLearning with individual learning events, allowing instructors to provide greater flexibility and differentiation in instruction.

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Special education solutions by Acadecraft help schools and universities improve their IEP compliance. Our team uses technical tools like human speech recognition and synthesizes advanced learning tools to connect clients with their specially-abled learners.

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Our special education solutions focus on building skills, knowledge, and understanding of client's specially-abled workforce. Learners can access these modules from anywhere and anytime, balancing work, life, and study.

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How does it work?

At Acadecraft, we aim to meet the clients learning objectives for their specially-abled learners. For quality delivery, we follow a simple but essential methodology.

First, we understand the client's needs, and then, our project managers analyze the project to design a blueprint of the services needed. The digital team then creates the special education eLearning modules using interactive elements like images, videos, graphics, and more. Then, the quality analyst team conducts a test session to determine the loopholes. They ensure the final draft is flawless by removing all loopholes.

Hence, we understand, analyze, design, create, integrate, review and deliver.

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