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Making exam preparation easier using our pool of certified STAT experts

Acadecraft is an eLearning company providing smart and interactive STAT test prep solutions.
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Key Issues

The Australian Council of Education Research (ACER) conducts STAT (Special Tertiary Admission Test). It assesses the aptitude of learners who do not have a recent or standard 12th grade qualification. Education industry clients do not always have the expertise and resources to create effective test prep solutions for STAT examination. The in-house L&D team lacks manual and technical competencies.

So, they approach professional test prep services for STAT. Clients lack subject-specific knowledge that helps in developing course materials. Learners seek the easiest material with interactive texts and good academic results. Also, most of the clients do not have adequate general knowledge or tools to create STAT test prep solutions. Many service providers lack in delivering interactive and engaging test prep solutions for STAT. They must provide webinars, one-on-one sessions, and updated textbook solutions to ace their learners’ exams. Moreover, it should be able to serve clients from different time zones . Thus, opting for a credible service provider becomes important who delivers round-the-clock services.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft is a professional test prep service provider, focused on teaching all the skills required to pass the Special Tertiary Entrance Test (STAT). Our subject matter experts, content developers, academic writers figure out what clients require. We offer fully integrated learning courses with an updated STAT syllabus, practice questions, mock test papers, and others. Our solutions are easily distributable and accessible from remote locations. Here, our specialists identify exactly what learners need to learn in order to get the best score possible. Therefore, deliver ungraded assessment solutions with competent/not yet competent, rather than a specific mark or grade. Also, they carry expertise in extensive global teaching and was previously an instructor or Project Managers. Our primary USPs are higher ROI, round the clock availability, and serving Australia or worldwide clients.

Types of STAT test prep services

Acadecraft offers a range of STAT test prep solutions for clients worldwide. Here, our specialists develop preparatory educational solutions, combined with interactive elements.

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Mock test solutions

Acadecraft delivers high-quality mock test solutions for clients. Academic writers provide flawless, impactful, and well-formatted texts. Our team of editors are native English speakers who deliver accurate and impactful test prep content.

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Preparatory modules

Acadecraft offers preparatory STAT modules for clients. We incorporate video demonstrations to teach concepts visually. The content within the learning modules is categorized into logical reasoning, art questions, graph charts, and diagram-based questions.

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Online tutoring

Clients get 24/7 access to our online tutors. They have subject-specific knowledge to facilitate the learning process. Learners can ask STAT-related or additional questions anytime. Also, we provide learning dashboards to customize learning programs.

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Textbook solutions

Acadecraft offers step-by-step textbook solutions for problematic STAT queries. Our textbook solutions are compatible across digital platforms. It is available in publications in the form of e-books (PDF) and hard copies.

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Printable test prep solutions

Acadecraft incorporates tables, diagrams, graphs in the learning modules. We provide clients with numerous examples of multiple choice STAT questions. Our printable solutions are the perfect choice for clients who seek traditional learning materials.

Our Clients

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Acadecraft offers high-quality and engaging STAT test prep solutions for E-learning agencies. We cover topics in learning programs through concise and engaging lessons, multiple-choice quizzes, and a practice exam.

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Australian educational institutions count on Acadecraft. We deliver advanced test prep solutions with an advanced evaluation and assessment process. Also, it helps clients to deliver additional services for learners to make study life for them.

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Coaching centers

Acadecraft offers online tutoring and test prep modules to coaching centers and private in Australia. We have certified STAT subject matter experts. They deliver optimal learning materials for clients worldwide.

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How It Works?

At Acadecraft, we are passionate to develop high-quality STAT test prep solutions. Here, we align our solutions with the client’s objectives and deliver optimal learning materials.

First, our project managers analyze the project requirements. Then, they design the blueprint stating the relevant test prep solutions required. Our Subject Matter Experts, production team, and academic writers execute the services. They deliver solutions in several formats. Finally, quality analysts review the test prep solutions’ accuracy and accessibility level.

Hence, we analyze, design, execute and review before the project’s delivery.

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