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About our financial test prep services

Today, worldwide industries and organizations know the importance of finances. Hence, the education industry in Australia conducts several financial tests like FASEA and CFA exams. However, not all academic clients in the nation have adequate resources or manual and technical expertise to deliver engaging solutions. Also, they lack in meeting the national education pattern that is required for learners to ace the examination hassle-free. But, due to evolving job market, clients seek to cope up with the changing learning trends. Therefore, they outsource professional financial test prep services.

Acadecraft is the leading financial test prep services provider for clients worldwide. Here, we provide immersive test prep modules at the best-quoted price. Also, we deliver accessible solutions that meet the WCAG norms. Moreover, we follow all educational patterns and deliver accurate solutions in form of online tutorials, video solutions, PDFs, and other customized solutions. At Acadecraft, our certified and experienced SMEs and test prep instructors put extensive knowledge and incorporate interactive solutions in test prep modules. So, clients avail of our round-the-clock financial test prep solutions and engage learners to make them exam ready!

Types of financial test prep services

NGSS & STEM item writing service

Acadecraft offers interactive test prep modules for the FASEA exam. Here, our certified SMEs have the extensive financial literacy to curate practice exam solutions, webinars, online tutoring, and consultation. Moreover, we provide tips, tools, and accessible test prep modules for the FASEA exam. To sum up, we deliver tips, tools, and valuable insights that help clients to curate test prep modules effectively.

Technology Enhancement Item Development Assessment Development Services

Acadecraft delivers immerse test prep modules for the CFA exam. Here, we integrate game-based learning solutions, Q&A services, and interactive solutions. Also, we offer customized learning materials like study guides, textbook solutions, and question banks in print and digital format. Here, we provide a complete test prep package for CFA. Additionally, we serve a CFA study plan that is tailored to clients’ needs.

Our Clients

E learning item writing service


E-learning agencies and platforms worldwide in Australia connect with Acadecraft to serve online test prep CFA modules. Here, we deliver complete and affordable financial test prep services to all valuable eLearning clients worldwide.

K12 Schools Assessment Development Services


Schools and coaching centres count on Acadecraft to receive valuable financial test prep services. Here, we cater to their professional objectives and learning outcomes. Also, several private and public learning centres are our valuable business partners.

Colleges Universities Assessment Development Service


Digital and traditional publishing houses worldwide and in Australia are our clients. With us, they receive high-quality financial test prep services that ensure higher ROI. Moreover, we deliver round-the-clock solutions to new-age publishing houses also.

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How it works?

Over the years, Acadecraft has followed a disciplined methodology that caters to the professional objectives of clients. Thus, we deliver high-quality financial test prep services.

First, we collaborate with clients to analyze and determine the solution. Next, strategists design the blueprint to develop the solution with customized requirements. Then, developers and SMEs develop modules utilizing high-quality authoring tools. Finally, quality analysts review the test prep modules before delivering it to clients.

Hence, we collaborate, design, develop and review before delivering projects.

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