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Our content development team creates authentic educational content for our clients globally.
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Key Issues

Writing educational content for K-12 learners is not easy for institutions. It needs strong focus on the learning objectives and curriculums of different learners. The main criteria is to make content that is accurate, engaging as well as curriculum-specific. However, most content writers fail to deliver a unique type of content presentation. K-12 content development companies must be familiar with relevant knowledge, literary skills, and vocabulary. Besides that, pedagogy plays a vital role in developing educational content. However, it is also something that most content developers are unaware of. That is why they fail to present accurate information in a standard and grade-appropriate manner.

But, the main problem is in finding a professional company providing these services. Most of the companies in the industry do not even have the necessary skills. They fail to provide clients with in-depth subject knowledge. Being an integral part of content development services, brands thus need to have the best team for their K-12 learners. They need to build high-quality content that not just meets the learner’s goals but also keep them engaged.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

At Acadecraft, we have a team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). They work alongside our trained and experienced content writers, graphic designers, developers, and editors. Over the years, our team has provided best-in-class personalized educational content for various education levels in the UK. The words they choose and the content they create strictly cater to the needs of K-12 students of our clients’ institutions. With our expertise, we develop content following the pedagogy, learning framework, objectives, and course outlines prescribed by the client. Our interactive content development services ensure easy understanding, information distribution, and increased learner engagement. We at Acadecraft, deliver the desired course materials, documents, educational papers, and other content solutions. Our services are punctual in the given time, regardless of timezones.

Quality Assurance

Acadecraft’s team of Quality Analysts (QAs) carefully curate every word and sentence before sending for delivery. They have professional skills in developing relevant content. Using our expertise, we also check for plagiarism and other quality issues. Our robust checking processes ensure that the final content has zero errors, plagiarism and quality issues.

In a nutshell, our Quality Analysts ensure that the content

  • 100% authentic and free from all sorts of plagiarism issues
  • Strictly adheres to client guidelines
  • Follows learning objectives, frameworks, standards and other broad categories
  • Relevant to the course topic and does not deviate from it
  • Completely errorless
  • Free from all sorts of grammatical mistakes, and typos
  • Provides factual data
  • Contains the right visual representation and images
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Types of K-12 Educational Content Development Services

At Acadecraft, our experienced team of educational content developers leave no room for errors. We deliver the best services abiding to our clients’ curriculum framework.

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Textbook Content

We are always striving to deliver the best content development service to our partner companies. Our SMEs and content writers strictly follow our clients’ requirements and guidelines. From printed textbook content to eBooks, our services cover all of the departments. With a strong focus in mind, our teams ensure that we constantly come up with engaging ideas to incorporate them in the textbooks. We ensure that our content development services fit right into the requirement hole.

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Solution Manuals

Acadecraft’s SMEs and content development team create textbook solution manuals. These solution manuals help learners deal with their typical problems with textbooks. From chapter explanations to step-by-step solutions, our writers deliver the most illustrative and interpretive content. Our solution manuals ensure that learners are able to grasp the concept of their subjects in a clearer manner. These solution manuals guarantee that learners do not stumble upon the same problems ever again.

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Test Banks

Besides having existing question banks, we also develop fresh question banks for our clients. The new items in our question banks are strictly according to our clients’ requirements. These are subjected to expert feedback and our team revises them until they find it reliable and course-specific. Our team uses different statistical measures to validate the question banks and ensure that they are extra reliable. The test papers are highly effective for learners to prepare themselves for their exams.

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Acadecraft’s curriculum-designers are familiar with the pedagogy associated with different K12 curriculums. Our team has adequate experience with the systematic organisation with the curriculum of different subjects and grades. While designing a curriculum, we combine additional learning knowledge with the on-grade knowledge. As a result, we develop the definite learning objectives and align them to the core standards. Our team also assigns different interactive and fun ways for educators to give instructions.

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Lesson Plan

At Acadecraft, our team of lesson planners are innovative and skilful in their approach. From organising a lesson content to its delivery planning, we ensure to input all key information in it. Our lesson planners are passionate professionals and they make the learning experience fun and engaging. Yet the lesson still has definite activities and exercises that make the concepts more understandable to the learners.

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Practice Papers

Our educational content developers also create practice papers for our clients. These practice papers are extremely popular among learners because they help them prepare for exams. Practice papers provide an exam-like experience to them. We design legal practice questions that allow learners to gain useful information on their efforts. Our practice papers are reliable. We prepare them after many rounds of extensive research. Our practice papers are for all academic levels and education disciplines.

Our Clients

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eLearning Organizations

Acadecraft partners with different eLearning organizations around the globe to deliver K-12 educational content development services. We provide our best-in-class education curriculums, lesson plans and other academic content.

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K-12 Schools

We serve different international K-12 schools with our content development services. From practice test papers to solution manuals, our educational content development solutions are beneficial to their learners.

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Educational Publishers

We help different multinational publishing houses in expanding reach in the global publishing industry. Our solutions have always satisfied them by helping them ace their business goals.

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How does it work?

At Acadecraft, we always strive to bring the best K-12 educational content development services to clients. To ensure maximum client satisfaction, we follow a definite work process.

At first, we understand our clients’ requirements by reading their provided guidelines. Next, after identifying the areas of development, we document the required efforts. After that, we design the required template/blueprint before developing the content. Finally, our team of quality analysts and proofreaders assess the content to check for accuracy.

Therefore, we can conclude that the six steps of our workflow include - understanding, identifying, documenting, designing, developing and assessing.

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