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Increase conversion rates, appeal to learners and improve online presence with effective explainer video solutions.

The best explanatory video services listen to the clients’ needs and goals.
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Key Issues

An explainer video is a short duration informational video that can be either live or animated. Clients require it to share valuable content with learners. However, they lack technical expertise. It includes production quality, SEO optimization, accessibility and development process. As a result, they land up curating ineffective videos.

So, picking professional explainer video services is important. Their curated videos have the highest ROI and the best shelf-life. Many organizations lack linguistic expertise, experienced IT team and content developers. Also, not all service providers carry such expertise to deliver engaging output. Creating an engaging explainer video, compatible across devices is a challenging part for clients. Clients need to utilize advanced tools to gain a competitive edge over competitors. Most of them are unaware of the ideal timeline, purpose, ROI measurement and other elements of videos. Therefore, finding an ideal service provider is a must who can develop impactful videos. Besides that, they should also serve clients round the clock.

How can Acadecraft help?

Acadecraft is the leading explainer video services that produce high-quality content for clients. We have a team of producers, animators, video creators and motion designers. Our platform handles volumes of projects and delivers optimal solutions. Our specialists incorporate motion design, 2D- 3D graphics, and mixed multimedia elements in the content. The dynamic team comes up with fresh ideas to produce strategy-driven animated videos. Over the years, we crafted stunning animations with engaging content for big brands and start-ups. Acadecraft helps clients increase sales, consumers, drive leads and increase brand awareness. We’re a professional service provider producing incredible explainer video solutions 24/7 to clients.

Types of explainer video solutions

explainer video services
Stop motion videos

Acadecraft offers affordable stop motion video solutions for clients. Our specialists integrate captured frames of different short into one video. They follow modern developing techniques. It includes object animation, clay animation, puppet animation and cut-out animation.

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Whiteboard animation

Acadecraft uses a sequence of images to convey a message to the target group. Here, our specialist’s combines sound effects combined with great voice overs to develop authentic whiteboard animation. Moreover, our lighthearted whiteboard animations are easy to retain and understand for the client’s target audience.

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Acadecraft guarantees the best price-quality ratio for the live action videos. We make client’s video marketing win with the right graphics and live videos. Elements like graphics, vocals, and animations make the video visually impressive.

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Animated videos

With us, clients build brand awareness or educate the audience with animated videos. Acadecraft adds engaging animated characters in videos. They are compatible with website, social media or email. Here, we mix storytelling with cartoon-style animation with engaging infographics to deliver engaging explainer video solutions.

Our Clients

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Acadecraft’s explainer video is the perfect choice of Australian eLearning agencies. We cover live events, 2-D or 3-D animated videos, and testimonial video projects for the learning programs. Here, our specialists handle production and scriptwriting processes for clients.

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Explainer videos by Acadecraft are wonderful resources for Australian educational institutions. We adhere to the education pattern and curate explainer videos accordingly. Moreover, our flexible videos meet the learning requirement of coaching centres, private learning centres and others.

explainer video solutions in AUS


Our interactive explainer videos build unforgettable publishing experiences for clients. Acadecraft delivers downloadable videos for all devices and subjects. Our solutions give the client an increased audience base and maximum ROI.

explainer video services in AUS

How does it work?

Acadecraft produces engaging explainer videos for clients, particularly in the education sector. Also, our explainer videos meet the learning requirements and objectives of the organization.

First, we analyze the project requirements and the strategist team pick the right solution. Next, the production team ready the explainer video script. Then, content developers, graphic designers and video creators integrate video elements to create the content. Finally, a quality analyst reviews the project, eliminating all flaws and ensure accuracy.

Hence, we analyze, ready, integrate and reviews before making the delivery.

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