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Acadecraft is the ATAR test prep services provider to clients worldwide
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Key Issues

The ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) is the standard criteria for learners to enroll themselves in Australian public universities. Mostly, it is the primary criterion for Grade 12 learners. However, educational clients lack in delivering high-quality ATAR test prep solutions to learners. They lack in authoring tools or software required to develop test prep modules. Also, many clients do not have certified or experienced ATAR instructors that impart effective knowledge. Hence, they outsource professional ATAR Test Prep Services companies.

But, not all test prep agencies or firms have adequate resources to meet clients’ objectives. Sometimes, they deliver outdated content that delivers low ATAR scores. Also, many test prep service providers do not utilize cutting-edge solutions or online that facilitate learning amid this pandemic crisis. Thus, connecting with professional ATAT test prep services providers becomes essential for clients. Certified and experienced test prep firms offer round-the-clock, multilingual, and high-quality test prep modules that improve ATAR scores. Moreover, they ensure higher ROI for clients.

How can Acadecraft help?

At Acadecraft, we have certified instructors that improve the learners’ ATAR scores. Here, we offer virtual learning solutions, online tutors, and immersive learning programs that facilitate ATAR test prep services. Moreover, our academicians are proficient enough to impart knowledge that boosts learners’ productivity and ATAR scores. With us, clients receive a range of test prep modules for ATAR basic or ATAR extension courses. At Acadecraft, we offer affordable ATAR test prep services by delivering a range of multilingual solutions to clients worldwide. Also, our new-generation tertiary admission system delivers effective learning solutions to young clients. Moreover, clients receive higher ROI and our helpdesk team is available 24/7. All in all, Acadecraft is the one-stop destination for all sorts of advanced ATAR test prep modules.

Types of ATAR test prep services

At Acadecraft, our certified ATAR instructors provide different types of high-quality test prep modules that ensure higher ATAR scores. Here, clients prefer our ATAR test prep services because of the multi-linguistic expertise.

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Textbook solutions

Acadecraft offers an in-depth explanation and step-by-step explanation of sophisticated ATAR courses. Here, our subject matter experts put their extensive knowledge and expertise to deliver effective knowledge. Also, we integrate real-life problems and interactive questions that drive learners’ attention. Moreover, clients receive textbook solutions manuals in digital and paper-based formats. Primarily, we help clients with textbook solutions in clearing academic queries of learners in the minimum possible time.

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Online tutoring

Online tutors and ATAR instructors are available round the clock to host online learning sessions. Here, our platform offers one-on-one and group based tutoring solutions for our valued business partners. Also, our production team integrates digital whiteboards, discussion features, customized flashcards, audio/video communication, and screen sharing. Moreover, our experienced and certified tutors allow clients to train learners from their comfort zone. We strive to bring the real classroom experience to digital learning.

Talent Assessment & Development Assessment Development Service

Acadecraft offers interactive and high-quality Q&A solutions to our valuable business partners. Here, our subject matter experts help clients who are unable to deliver on-site training or one-on-one learning. Our platform delivers 24/7 Q&A solutions for sophisticated ATAR modules and ensures effective learning. Moreover, our company is aligned with the latest educational patterns and standards. Hence, we deliver updated and accurate questions from E-courses that are commonly asked in the examination. Besides, we offer interactive Q&A services via mail, phone, or online discussion.

Psychometric Assessments Assessment Development

Acadecraft’s worksheets, diagnostic test papers, and practice sheets for ATAR are the clients’ preferred choice. Here, our printable solutions are entailed with the latest curriculum concepts, engaging problems, and mind booster exercises. We offer these printable to those clients who still opt for the traditional learning patterns. Moreover, our platform offers in-depth study materials in printed format for various ATAR sections like History, Maths, and Legal studies. Our mind-boosting exercises under ATAR test prep services are enough to boost learners’ ATAR scores.

Our Clients

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Acadecraft promotes the ATAR eLearning business in Australia by delivering high-quality ATAR test prep services. Here, we deliver accurate test prep modules that make online learning courses an ATAR score booster.

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Traditional learning centres and secondary schools in Australia count on Acadecraft to avail of ATAR test prep services. Also, we are associated with worldwide academic institutions delivering them multilingual solutions.

Colleges Universities Assessment Development Service


Acadecraft is a valuable partner of the global business leaders in the publishing industry. Here, we cater ATAR test prep services to digital and traditional publishing houses. Also, we serve our valuable clients the industry-leading results.

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How it works?

At Acadecraft, our certified and experienced professionals put their extensive knowledge to deliver efficient ATAR test prep services. Hence, we follow a disciplined methodology that retains our brand’s potentiality.

First, our team collaborates with clients and shares the price quotation for the project. Next, our project manager analyzes the clients’ requirements by designing a blueprint. Then, subject matter experts collaborate with the production team to curate ATAR test prep modules. Finally, quality analysts review and examine the content to evaluate its efficiency and accuracy level.

Hence, we collaborate, analyze, curate and review before delivering projects.

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