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Key Issues

Nowadays, the learning process has become quite challenging, as students prefer to learn at their own pace. With the changing trend in the educational field, most of the educational institutions especially those who are providing distance education to the students, provide the students with the learning materials so that they can learn as per their convenient time and place. But this is more challenging even for the most motivated and brightest students. In fact, the success of distance education completely depends upon these self-learning materials as it performs the functions of a live teacher. So, the learning materials should be customized in a way that a distance learner will have all the learning experiences that a student can have in a classroom situation.

Thus, it requires subject matter experts and counselors to prepare the learning material in a simplified and engaging way so that it can successfully stimulate independent learning among the students. Moreover, these learning materials should be revised from time to time for including all the updated information in the respective discipline and study. Also, its performance should also be reviewed from time to time for making it more relevant, academically rich, and learner-friendly. It is not possible for everyone to perform this task; it requires the hands and expertise of a professional to do so.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

At Acadecraft, we have an expert team of subject matter experts and creative instructional designers who are specialized in developing customized self-learning materials for the various open and distance education institutes. We have developed a unique methodology for meeting all the desired academic requirements of the clients pertaining to different study areas. Our pool of professionals includes content writers, teachers, professors, subject matter experts from different disciplines, and so on. We segregate the overall content into various bite-sized e-learning modules which helps in avoiding the overloading of the information.

What sets us apart from the other numerous learning material development services is our commitment, principles, and value to develop the best materials. We infuse knowledge with technology while creating our course learning modules to make the learning more engaging and accessible for the learners. Also, our team of learning material developers updates the study materials from time to time with the inclusion of new inventive ideas for different research domains. Our research analysts thoroughly research the different learning resources while creating self-learning materials for the institutes. Also, after the creation of the learning materials, it is being handed over to our in-house quality analyst who verifies the authenticity of the information included in the learning materials and ensures that there is no such grammatical error in the content.

Types of Services Offered

At Acadecraft, we understand the challenging needs of the learners and teachers so we design the learning resource material with instructional strategies which will motivate the learners.

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Company and Industrial Internships Learning Materials

We have gained specialization in creating various interactive learning training materials for various industries and companies. With our scalable learning solutions, diverse groups of the organization meet their educational needs. We use the latest and updated tools and technologies including HTML5 and CSS3 for developing customized learning materials for various platforms.

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Materials for Vocational and Skill Courses

At Acadecraft, we have experience in creating and organizing self-learning materials for various sorts of vocational training courses and short-term skill courses. We design the learning materials in a way that the learners can understand seamlessly and can get themselves updated with the relevant skills that are being taught in the respective courses.

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Teaching and Guiding Learning Materials

We prepare the most unique and comprehensive learning materials for teaching as well as guiding the learners. Acadecraft presents the learning materials before the learners that encompass originality of thoughts and contribute towards idea generation. Thus, we create learning materials for the students as per their preferences and needs.

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Materials for Collaborative Learning

Our pool of lesson planners and subject matter experts at Acadecraft has innovative and creative ideas in various domains. So, based on their relevant experiences in the field, they develop self-learning materials by merging both educational contents with e-learning LMS platforms. This subjectively helps the learners with an enhanced collaborative learning experience.

Our Clients

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Corporate Industries

Acadecraft delivers quality self-learning materials for various corporate sectors in order to fulfill the training needs of their employees. Most of their customized SLMs are SCORM complaints to make them more meaningful and easily accessible. Thus, we help them with their unique requirements.

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Colleges and Universities

Acadecraft provides excellent learning resource materials to various leading educational institutes. In fact, many distance or open universities partner with us for customizing their learning materials as per their learning objectives. We design SLMs in a way that makes the learning experience of a passive learner more engaging and meaningful.

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E-Learning Platforms

Many e-learning platforms nowadays offer self-learning materials in different disciplines. We at Acadecraft cater to meet their e-learning needs through our customized self-learning material development services. We design it in a way so that the students who are totally unaware of the course and topic can utilize these materials to learn properly.

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How it work?

At Acadecraft, we follow a streamlined process for creating exclusive content for the customized SLMs for various sectors.

We begin with analyzing the needs of the clients and know more about how they want to set their learning objectives. Accordingly, our team will suggest subject matter experts for creating self-explanatory learning materials. While developing SLMs, we keep in mind to fulfill the learning needs of the institution. Once it is being completed, then the learning material is being sent to our team of instructional designers who will implement the designing strategies while creating learning materials for making it more effective for the learners. After customizing the SLM, it is being sent to the editors for evaluation purposes. They will make sure that there are no such grammatical or spelling mistakes in your learning materials and it is completely error-free. Furthermore, after verification, the content is being sent to the team of quality analysts. They check and verify the customized learning materials so that it meets the corporate learning goals and ensures that it does not hamper your e-learning course to be highly interactive and engaging. Finally, after verification, the final draft of the learning material is delivered to our clients.

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