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About Acadecraft resources

Acadecraft has a pool of resources that delivers the best elearning solutions. Our talented resources comprise content editors, subject matter experts, technical writers, and others who handle volumes of projects. We bolster organizational capability by offering genuine solutions to different clients in Australia and worldwide.

Types of resources

Content editing services Acadecraft assists client with comprehensive and quality edit for all types of content. Our technical writing services follow the grammatical guidelines and deliver drafts. Also, clients get professional guidance to ensure they deliver the best quality writing, research, and ebook product possible to your audience. Our content editors provide a premium editing service that meets industrial standards.

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Subject matter experts

Acadecraft has a pool of subject matter experts (SME) to feature them in educational and marketing content. Our SMEs carry expertise in their respective domain and field. Talented and valuable SMEs infuse the e-learning content with expertise and excitement.

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Instructional designers

We have the best instructional designers on board. Our talented experts at this platform use their expertise and learning principles to deliver optimal instructional designs. Also, they determine the best instructional conditions or methods to deliver learning outcomes.

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Technical writing services

Acadecraft’s technical writing services curate user manual, product description, technical documentation, and others. Here, our technical writers deliver clear and well-structured documents. We cater technical knowledge to different business verticals.

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Online Tutoring Services

Acadecraft have multiple online tutors from different disciplines. We are the one stop destination for all online tutoring requirements. Our online tutors carry exceptional knowledge of all disciplines, and ability to teach with a positive attitude.

Industries we serve

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Subject matter experts and online tutors at Acadecraft serve the educational institution. We foster a positive learning environment through video lessons, interactive teaching solutions, and one-on-one training.

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Acadecraft delivers precise technical information for Australian retailers. Our specialists handle more sophisticated subjects like technology, law, and medicine, and others. Our help takes client-focused services to new heights.

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Several IT firms count on us to bring the message to life. With over 1000 technical experts from a broad range of industries.

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How does it work?

At Acadecraft, we deploy trained and experienced professionals to cater to all kinds of eLearning clients across Australia. We follow a simple yet multi-step methodology to deliver quality results to our valuable clients.

First, the project manager assesses the project requirements and combines them with relevant materials. Then, they pick the right resource from the team of subject matter experts, instructional designers, and others. Finally, the quality analyst team reviews the draft and proofreads the project. Once the quality examination is done, clients get the delivery. To sum up, we assess, pick and review the project before placing the final delivery.

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