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Acadecraft is the leading SSAT test prep servicer provider providing optimal solutions for clients worldwide.
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Key Issues

The SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test) is the standardized admission test in Australia that is the gateway to enroll learners in grade 3 to grade 11. Mostly, Australian educational clients lack in preparing high-quality assessment solutions. Moreover, this assessment is an important admission test. Hence, clients require subject specific professionals and adequate academic knowledge. However, they lack such learning parameters. So, they outsource professional SSAT test prep services providers to fill learning gaps and meet the professional objectives of clients.

But, not all test prep companies integrate effective test taking strategies in solutions. Here, they lack content review and practice. Also, they do not have certified SSAT instructors that impart effective learning solutions. Mostly, they deliver low-quality solutions or are restricted to specific time zone or geographical territories. But, clients seek multilingual SSAT test prep services that meet the worldwide learners’ requirements. Also, clients require round the clock SSAT test prep solutions that facilitate test prep modules and ensure higher ROI. So, collaborating with certified and experiences SSAT test prep company becomes essential for clients.

How can Acadecraft help?

Acadecraft is a certified and experienced SSAT test prep services provider for Australian and worldwide clients. Our customized solutions evaluate learners’ strengths and weaknesses effectively. Moreover, our subject matter experts and academic team utilize advanced tools to develop accurate and high-quality SSAT test prep modules. Our professionals put their extensive knowledge to unleash and explain underlying concepts. Also, our diversified SSAT instructors carry years of experience that ensures learners’ productivity. At Acadecraft, our primary objective is to maximize clients’ potential and ensure higher ROI. Also, worldwide clients prefer our platform because we deliver multilingual solutions. Our platform is open 24/7 for worldwide clients!

Types of SSAT test prep services

With us, clients receive high-quality and range of SSAT test prep services. Acadecraft offers different types of test prep modules for the SSAT exam.

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Acadecraft offers live webinars on SSAT test prep modules. In this, we offer pre-recorded and live webinar sessions for on-demand viewing. Here, our subject matter experts and SSAT instructors offer customized webinar solutions for clients. With this, clients easily prepare learners for exams. Moreover, our subject professionals discuss test taking strategies, learning approaches, and the development of engaging modules with clients. All in all, our customized webinar solutions help outreach clients to every part of the globe.

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Step by step guides

Acadecraft offers interactive study guides to make learners SSAT ready. Here, our subject matter experts and SSAT instructors guide clients about how to accommodate a group of learners for tests. Also, we in-built comprehensive test taking strategies for all level learners for SSAT. Moreover, our customized step-by-step guides are available in PDF formats. So, it is easy to share and download on multiple devices. These updated guides reflect the latest SSAT guidelines and will set learners on the right track to hone their learning skills.

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Online tutoring

At Acadecraft, we have certified online SSAT tutors having extensive knowledge and empathy. By availing of SSAT test prep services, clients collaborate with the best online tutors. Moreover, our tutors maximize the brand’s potential and make clients never run out of prep. Here, we offer multilingual tutoring sessions that allow clients to reach every corner of the globe. Also, our certified tutors primarily emphasize SSAT study areas that strengthen the problem solving abilities of learners. All in all, our virtual sessions are delivered for community and individual learners’ requirements.

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Practice tests

With SSAT test prep services, Acadecraft offers interactive simulations of official SSAT. Here, we deliver full-length practice test solutions that clients by integrating practice tools and test taking skills. Also, our customized solutions make learners approach SSAT questions and eliminate wrong answer choices. Here, we dynamically create the practice test solutions for Elementary-Middle Level, and Upper-Level schooling learners. Moreover, we integrate several actual SSAT questions, previous year queries, and commonly asked questions that make learners for the exam readiness.

Our Clients

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Australian eLearning development companies rely on Acadecraft seeking high-quality SSAT test pep services. Here, we facilitate the eLearning modules and make them accessible for eLearners worldwide. Moreover, connect eLearning companies to eLearners worldwide.

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Academic institutions and learning centres in Australia count on Acadecraft to avail of SSAT test pep services. Here, we provide one-on-one learning to global educational clients. Also, our certified instructors impart SSAT test prep modules to traditional test companies.

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Worldwide publishing houses avail of Acadecraft’s SSAT test prep services. Here, cater to professional objectives for books, journals, and academic publishing sectors. Moreover, we are the first choice for digital and traditional publishing houses.

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How it works?

At Acadecraft, we have certified experts who have years of experience to deliver accurate SSAT test prep services. Here, we are aligned with the client’s requirements. Hence, we follow a disciplined methodology. First, we analyze the clients’ requirements by collaborating, Next, our project managers design blueprint stating all relevant measures to be taken. Then, our developers’ team executes the plan by developing content. Finally, quality analysts examine the solution and check its accuracy level.

Hence, we analyze, design, execute and examine before delivering projects.

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