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Customized Abstracting And Indexing Services To Enhance Readability

We are an eLearning company providing abstracting & indexing services to clients worldwide.
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Key Issues

Research reports, books, eBooks and most other professional content require an impactful abstract and a well-organized index. But what seems like an easy task has many technical aspects. So, it is challenging for clients to receive optimal abstracts and indexes from in-house content creators. Hence, they seek the support of professional abstracting and indexing services.

However, every service provider is not equally qualified. Many agencies lack experienced abstract writers for various concept fields, while others cannot handle large volumes of content. Then, some companies only work with one or two languages. In the case of indexing services, agencies lack indexers who are familiar with the different international formats. Also, they must know to use the latest software tools needed to create an interactive index. Apart from these, some clients also face delivery and customer service issues, which as a result, delays project approval and publication.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft is a leading eLearning and content development company. So, we have the experience of delivering abstracting and indexing services to a diverse clientele. Our team includes Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), academic writers and indexers from various concept fields. We also have linguists who enable us to work with content in multiple international and regional languages. To ensure complete client satisfaction, we customize our services to meet the audience needs, project requirements and quality standards. In addition, we guarantee to include all the keywords of the content in our abstracts. Our indexes are also well structured and provide a seamless reading experience. The professionals use the latest software tools to generate accurate indexes that adhere to all international specifications.

Moreover, we have an efficient customer service team that caters to all client needs. They handle new project enquiries, reworks, fee5tfdbacks, and other communication aspects. Writers, indexers and technical experts work collaboratively to deliver projects on time.

Types Of Abstracting & Indexing Services

Owing to the vast experience and talent of the team at Acadecraft, we provide multiple abstracting and indexing services to clients worldwide. We tailor the services to meet the different project needs, audience expectations and quality regulations.

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Academic Abstracting & Indexing

Acadecraft provides abstracting and indexing solutions for a wide range of academic subjects and concepts. We handle dissertations, project reports, books, eBooks, assignments, essays, and more. Clients worldwide can access our services because we can work with multiple languages.

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Legal abstracting & indexing

Report submissions and case files are a routine for legal clients. They use our abstracting and indexing solutions because we have writers from law background who accurately understand every terminology used in such documents. Also, we ensure complete confidentiality of the client’s content.

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Financial abstracting & indexing

We provide abstracts and indexes for financial reports, annual reports, account reports and other fintech associated content. Our team includes experts from financial background who are proficient with different jargons and keep themselves updated with the advancements in the sector.

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Technical abstracting & indexing

Various industry sectors like manufacturing, IT, software, and more produce technical content. Clients from these industries use our services because we enhance the readability of the otherwise monotonous content. Also, our indexes help them locate and retrieve information quickly.

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Fictional abstracting & indexing

We design abstracts and indexes for different fictional projects like short stories, books, eBooks, novels, children books, and more. Fictional content producers need these services because it guides readers through the content when they miss the plot or forget any information.

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Scientific abstracting & indexing

Scientific research reports and case studies must include an abstract and index. However, many clients focus on the main body of the research and leave the technicalities to the experts. So, we provide abstracting and indexing services that meet international regulations.

Our Clients

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Schools, colleges, universities, and eLearning platform use our abstracts and indexes for books, eBooks, dissertations, research papers and more. We deliver on time and adhere to the curriculum at all times.

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We develop interactive and accurate abstracts and indexes from all types of corporate content. They prefer our services because we have experts for every field of information and deliver on time.

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Acadecraft provides abstracting & indexing solutions to healthcare and medical research institutes worldwide. They entrust crucial information to us because we guarantee accuracy and confidentiality.

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How It Works?

At Acadecraft, we ensure to deliver high-quality abstracts and indexes to clients worldwide. So, we follow a strict workflow that allows the most qualified team to work collaboratively.

First, we collaborate with the clients and understand their requirements. Then, we design a blueprint of the services required. Based on our, our writers and indexers execute the project. Finally, our quality analysts review the abstracts and indexes to ensure accuracy and interactivity.

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