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At Acadecraft, we have a team of certified eLearning specialists delivering innovative learning experience.
Online educational design

Key Issues

Online learning is not limited to educational institutions but also corporates. Industries seek online learning materials to train their employees. Our skilled and expert eLearning specialists leverage good techniques to provide accurate information to clients. These professionals help clients and their in-house L&D team with impeccable learning solutions. They are technical professionals who have hands-on technical knowledge and communication skills.

E-learning specialists breaks the technical complexity and complicated concepts into an understandable manner. E-learning specialists utilize graphic designing technique to create enhanced learning experiences.

Elearning Development Service by Us

Elearning specialists at Acadecraft accomplish their responsibilities. We are a team of qualified experts that help us deliver industry-standard results that meets our clients' guidelines. Our e-learning specialists have enough academic qualifications in their respective genres that results in accurate content delivery. Our eLearning specialists assist developers in designing training materials with these special skills.

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  • Multiple project handling
  • Design and manipulate learning elements
  • Write instructional material
  • Apply learning theories and process models
  • Record and produce interactive learning content
  • Accurate presentational skills

Elearning Specialists at Acadecraft

At Acadecraft, we have the eLearning specialists carrying expertise in online training and development. Our professionals implement appropriate techniques and measures to maximize the elearning experience. They integrate the latest learning technologies and help in creating refined eLearning content. We give affordable consultation services for organizations who seek guidance in content development. Our specialists develop learning modules for PC, Smartphones and Tablets. Professionally designed eLearning courses are blended with gaming elements to make courses engaging. Bit sized content nuggets help clients to deliver training solutions in a short period. Appropriate interactive scenarios in Elearning courses improve the learning ability of corporate learners. Our solutions enhance business training activity and employee engagement.

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