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About Our Pre-Press & Editorial Services

As different types of content are moving online; the organisations now require different types of editorial and pre-press services for the online content regularly. But, online content editing requires professional expertise, as the SEO rankings of the pages depend on the quality of the content. In addition, the companies often convert the printed materials into digital assets. But, many companies are not proficient enough in tagging and digital conversion. That is why the clients often search for professional pre-press and editorial service providing companies.

Acadecraft is a leading pre-press & editorial services providing company in Australia. We have certified experts for delivering diverse pre-press and editing services for both online and offline content. In addition to proofreading, typesetting, page layout designing, cover page and interior page decoration, we also offer different types of digitisation services. We have proficient software engineers who deliver efficient metatags, convert documents into HTML, XML, ePUB, and Kindle assets.

Acadecraft has sufficient resources to handle large-scale projects. We always ensure delivering completely error-free services within deadlines. Our clients can customise the different aspects of all our services. We deliver affordable services that strictly align with the client’s specific objectives. Acadecraft always offers full-time services with 24x7 client support for all our products.

Types of Editorial & Pre-Press Services

Some of our major editorial and pre-press services are discussed below.

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Abstract Writing

Acadecraft has professional abstract writers who deliver explicit and precise abstracts for all types of content, including academic and research abstracts. Our experts are certified in their respective domains and ensure accurate abstracts. In addition, we have specialist teams for scientific abstracts, technical abstracts, medical abstracts, and legal abstracts.

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Book Digitization

Acadecraft has proficient software engineers who are book digitisation experts. They accurately convert the printed books into digital assets that include attachable documents and web pages. We work on textbooks, comic books, map books, reports and brochures, magazines, newsletters, research papers, lab manuals, and other types of printed materials.

Convert Flash TO HTML5 service provider in USA
Proofreading & Copyediting

We have experienced proofreaders and copyeditors who are familiar with editing online content. They follow all the known SEO rules to ensure that the client’s content is browser-friendly and error-free. We check all the facts thoroughly and rectify all the grammatical and typographical errors. We also simplify the hard-to-read content.

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The look, feel, and overall presentation of the digital content is very important to generate an effective consumer experience. Acadecraft has experienced typesetting experts who deliver manual and automated typesetting services based on clients’ needs. In addition, we also deliver proofing, testing, and indexing services for the typeset content.

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Cover & Interior Page Designing

Acadecraft design the cover and interior pages of all types of content. We have experienced graphic designers and digital painters who develop appropriate designs that strictly follow clients’ objectives. Our experts first study the content and then deliver page layouts that perfectly compliment the content’s style, feel, and essence.

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Flash to HTML5 Conversion

As the flash player is no longer popular, businesses look to convert their flash assets into HTML5 assets. Acadecraft has professional web developers who effortlessly transform flash-based products into HTML5-based products. It helps our clients gain greater visibility and easier maintenance for the products, hence improving business prospects.

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HTML XML Conversion

We convert all documents, including printed materials, pdfs, word files, and others, into HTML and XML based web pages. Our quality analysts repeatedly check the converted version before delivery to ensure that they are error-free. We record, rebuild, redesign and republish the materials as web pages and valuable digital assets.

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EPUB Conversion

The ePUB extension is hugely beneficial for developing digital libraries. Our ePUB conversion experts convert documents for Sony Reader, Nook Reader, Kindle, and iOS-based libraries. The experts develop easily discoverable ePUB based eBooks and digital libraries for different types of content, including textbooks, storybooks, comic books, and magazines.

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Image Processing

Acadecraft delivers photo editing, image enrichment, image restoration, and other image processing services. We process printed pictures, digital images, binary images, and images with 16 and 32-bit colour codes. We also extract and restore the images from old negatives. We ensure to maintain the grayscale and colour balance of all the images.

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Metadata Tagging

Appropriate metadata tagging is extremely important to ensure enhanced visibility of the online content. Acadecraft has experienced SEO executives who develop appropriate metadata tags for our clients. We deliver descriptive meta tags, structural meta tags, administrative meta tags, and SEO-based meta tags to satisfy the clients’ diverse needs.

Our Clients

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Publishing Houses

Acadecraft delivers editing, proofreading, typesetting, and all other types of pre-press services to the publishing houses. In addition, we regularly convert their printed books into eBooks.

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E-Learning Industry

Acadecraft develops appropriate online page layout development services along with efficient meta tags for digital learning materials. Our services ensure higher business conversion for clients.

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Corporate Companies

Corporate companies require typesetting and proofreading services for different types of business content. Acadecraft helps to enhance the overall presentation of the business content.

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How It Works

Acadecraft first connects with the clients to discuss their needs and objectives. After understanding the client’ requirements, we assign the project to one of our service providing teams. The experts conduct relevant research and start developing the projects. When the products are ready, our quality assurance experts check them thoroughly. When we are satisfied with the products, we deliver them to our clients.

Hence, we connect, discuss, research, develop, check, and deliver the most accurate editorial and pre-press services to our clients.

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