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Key Issues

Thanks to the advancement for transforming education. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), two major tech trends, made significant strides toward becoming popular consumer technologies. Organizations can go with these inexpensive tech trends to impart quality training. However, they don't have adequate expertise or skills to integrate VR and AR into training programs. With affordable AR and VR services, companies can start the L&D process of training programs.

Creating a successful VR/AR experience needs a strong understanding of product vision and professional objectives. Professional services collaborate with the in-house team to determine the user experience, artistic direction, technologies, platforms, and talent needed to make it real. With AR VR services, organizations can eliminate the engagement problems in e-learning platforms. They integrate the latest technologies to boost the productivity of learners and engagement level. Third-party agencies help clients designing a better workflow for consumers at affordable prices.

How can Acadecraft help?

At Acadecraft, we create excellent learning solutions by providing end-to-end strategy. Our development services assist organizations in creating impactful and immersive applications to meet training objectives. We utilize 3D simulations, animations, and interactive visuals to create a virtual world and improve the training programs' quality, productivity, efficiency, and flexibility. Professionally curated solutions deliver your audience a delightful AR/ VR experience. Our developer team plans core feature and UX planning, concept development and testing, storyboard, optimization, and artistic direction for quality AR/VR solutions. Clients can gain new insights and reach set goals without compromising on quality or standards. Currently, our services are worldwide, and we are available 24/7 for clients!

Types of AR and VR services

Acadecraft works with a results-first approach to create immersive AR and VR applications. We curate quality training modules for an audience that enhance their learning experience.

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3D Virtual simulations

Acadecraft creates interactive simulations and graphics that help an organization create a natural working environment. We train workers to remove their fear of mistakes. Virtual simulation gives freedom to learn concepts n number of times. Our 3D frameworks even can visualize complex models and processes.

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Practical Online Assessments

Acadecraft creates micro-nuggets eLearning assessments using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. We integrate instant feedback mechanisms in training programs that gauge the learner's performance. Our microlearning scenarios help learners to implement the knowledge that they learned.

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Medical and Engineering apps

Acadecraft, being the AR & VR services provider in India, creates simulation apps for medical and engineering learners. The simulation apps have practical and resourceful instructional design, standardized layouts, effortless to understand interactive modules attached with 3D graphics and animations.

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Educational apps

Acadecraft develops holograms, animated virtual environments, virtual landscapers, and much more. We add videos to newsletters, book reports, art projects, and much more to training programs. Our educational apps use your phone or tablet to transform shapes into a 3D object.

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Content development

Acadecraft delivers virtual training solutions that enable institutions to provide quality training. We have an experienced team of 3D artists, VR/AR developers, and production designers for VR content development. We curate training modules in the highly-equipped 3D studio that not all agencies have.

Clients we serve

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K-12 Education

K-12 Educational institutions worldwide adopt AR/VR technologies in delivering education. Acadecraft assists institutions with cheaper services. We allow them to send their students on virtual field trips, tours of the solar system and walks through the historic period.

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Acadecraft develops healthcare applications for hospitals, nursing homes, and fitness centers. We adopt AR and VR technologies to create wearables that help health practitioners visualize challenging procedures during surgeries.

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Enterprise Training

Acadecraft offers AR and VR services to heavy industries like oils, mining, steel plants, and much more. We deliver virtual learning solutions to minimize the risk of injury or costly mistakes for their workers.

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Real Estate

WE make it easier for consumers to visit high-end properties worldwide. Clients bridge the location gap and sell properties in any part of the world through our AR and VR services. We allow their users to put the virtual furniture of their choice in properties they may be interested in.

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How It Works

At Acadecraft, we aim to follow a restricted workflow that ensures high-quality AR/VR solutions to our clients from various industries. Our workflow includes the following steps

We first collaborate with our clients to understand their requirements. Understanding their needs, we then select a team to work on the essential sections of the project to execute it effortlessly. Next, we develop a script by building a storyboard using manuscripts and design the template/blueprint. Then our QA team comes into the picture, which finally checks the deliverables for any issues.

In brief, we follow these steps: collaborating, understanding, identifying, documenting, building, developing, and assessing.

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