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Providing Attractive And Defining Voices For Projects Of All Types And Languages.

As a leading localization service in Australia, Acadecraft offers a range of voice-over services to valued partners worldwide.
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Key Issues

Voice is an essential element that supports visuals. Businesses require voice-over services for various projects. Despite spending a lot on content, consumers won’t connect without a compelling narration. Professional voice-over services cater to all target audiences.

They must instill trust in the consumer’s mind, which is the main motto of marketing. However, most service providers fail to build a brand image for the client in the global market. Some do not understand the value of the products and services and are unable to provide quality narration. They influence the target audience in the wrong direction and create a faulty identity of the client. Therefore, finding an impactful voice-over service delivered across all content types and formats 24/7 is rare.

How can Acadecraft help?

Acadecraft ensures 24/7 customer support, faster recordings, authentic narrations, and meet-on-time delivery. We engage the best voice talents as per client preference and language requirements. Our Australian voice-over artists collaborate with clients’ in-house teams to understand all business objectives. Acadecraft gives the best voice to businesses worldwide. Our voice-over artists carry years of experience in this domain and serve many industries like eLearning, Information Technology, etc. They conform to the desired tone, and our post-production team ensures to clear up all unwanted sounds. We guarantee you enhanced ROI and customer engagement.

Types of voice over services

With so many different types of voice over artists at Acadecraft, the platform delivers excellent voice-overs for different categories like

Commercial Voice Voice Over Service Providers

Advertisements and commercials can’t run without voice-overs. Voice over teams at Acadecraft serves ad agencies and corporate to narrate their product features. They communicate messages through promos on television, radio, and any other digital space. Clients use our voices to highlight brand names and influence consumers.

Narration Voice Voice over Services

Best animation is not only dependent on the graphics but also on the voice of the characters. At Acadecraft, we offer a blend of creative and engaging voice-overs. We offer animation voice-over services in various languages and accents for cartoon characters, animated videos, and other content.

Audio Messages Voice over Service

Clients get perfect narration for audiobooks from professional voice artists at Acadecraft. They create intriguing and engaging content to capture the audience’s attention. The team is fluent in various native and foreign languages. We provide services in a quick turnaround time.

Corporate Messages Voice Over Service Providers

Acadecraft delivers professional narration voice-over services to clients for documentaries, movies, and others. Narration is an essential part of the soundtrack. Apart from film, we also deliver accurate narration services for eLearning modules, video manuals, and global commercials.

Our Clients

E learning Voice over Services


Voice over artists of Acadecraft lends voices for documentaries, mimicry, podcast, and others. We deliver authentic and character-based voices for films, web series, and daily soaps in multiple languages. We serve both international and local clients with our genuine services.

Entertainment Voice Over Service Providers


Edutech firms and universities worldwide hire our voice-over educational content services. Acadecraft helps with narration for audiobooks, video lectures, eBooks, and more. We engage new-age learners by delivering explicit, practical, and impactful content.

Corporate sector Voice over Service


Acadecraft resolves communication issues for corporate organizations through effective voice-over services. We deliver consistent and clear communication for meetings, videos, reports, service advertisements, product descriptions, and more.

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How does it work?

Once you send us the project requirements, we review them and deploy the best voice-over artists for it. They understand the various creative needs before deploying artists. Then the artists record their voice-overs in our well-equipped studios. The post-production team then processes the recordings as per the client’s requirement. After the recording is completed, the quality team reviews it for error. If there is any error found, then the artists rework it.

Hence, we review, understand, record, process, review, rework and deliver.

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