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We are one of the top-class video production companies that have undoubtedly the best experts in the industry for creating excellent videos.
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Key Issues

Over a couple of years, there has been a huge change noticed in the marketing and advertising agency. It has been found that typography video production has gained huge popularity as it adds a touch of a rarity in the video content. Many business owners want to maintain a close relationship with their clients and customers, which is typically unrealistic to do in person. That is where typography videos play their role. It provides a visual experience to the clients regarding your products and services.

In the digital domain, demonstrating your services and products in a captivating manner is essential to boost digital sales. Typography videos provide you with the advantages of doing so in an audio and visual manner and help in outlining your vision. It is also an effective marketing mix strategy that will give you the potential to reach out to more and more clients. In today’s ever-changing world, if you want to engage with your customers, then creating short, customized, and engaging videos is a great way to do so. Also, in order to stay ahead of the competition, impress the visitors, and improve the traffic of your website, typography video production has become important.

How can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft is a team of extremely talented and highly skilled professionals who are well-equipped with the latest trends in animation technology. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best-in-class typography videos that essentially meet the needs of your business in the most convincing way possible. As client satisfaction is our ultimate aim, we listen to our client’s concerns and make sure that they are fully satisfied with the final outcome.

In order to achieve this goal, first of all, we analyze the requirements of the company for which we are working and then accordingly figure out the rest of the services that best suit the company’s needs. We are available all day to serve our clients with the best abilities. Innovation is what we are known for and thus we fuse the appealing presentation of text along with the appropriate color mixture and fonts. We aim to deliver you the most astounding typography videos that will not only capture the attention of your audience but also help in building strong relationships with the clients. What makes us the best service provider in this field is that we know how to add meticulous timings, music, and visual prominence to come up with an outstanding typography video.

Types of Typography Videos

Acadecraft provides a wide range of typography video creation services to its clients. Some of the best services that it provides are as follows

typography video production services
Temporal Typography

Temporal typography is often considered to be a hybrid form and is often considered to be a part of static typography. At Acadecraft, we have experts who brilliantly understand the expressions and feelings that are mostly expressed if it is communicated in a proper manner. We offer it to the clients who are interested to avail this particular typography in their presentation video. We also include temporal media and artifacts into it and present it on a wide range of styles, behaviors, and styles.

Scrolling Typography

Acadecraft consists of a range of professionals and designers who provide designer scrolling typography videos as per the demand of the customers. We aim to fulfill the needs of our clients and accordingly provide the services to make the look of the video quite professional. While creating these typography videos, the scrolling technique is being used by our experts who not only build up the 3D imaging impressions but also imply a perfect relationship with the viewers.

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Dynamic Layout

Acadecraft delivers dynamic layout typography videos for the customers who are interested in marketing their brand or products through these types of typography videos. In dynamic layout typography, both the letters and words move directionally. It basically focuses upon the layout and prioritizes the composition of the video over its design. Though it relies upon the smaller font sizes, yet it permits the users to decode the content.

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Fluid Typography

In this type of typography video, the font size changes as per the size of the screen. It steadily resizes itself to go with the width of any screen. Acadecraft provides fluid typography to clients who are looking for multiple meanings in a single video. In these videos, usually, the letters are malleable. While creating these fluid typography videos, it is to be kept in mind that its usage does not go overboard.

Our Clients

typography video services in AUS

Healthcare Departments

Acadecraft provides a wide range of typography video services to different healthcare departments. Whenever these health care departments launch any new product, we help in creating a brand identity for it and also provide help for conveying the brand message to the audience in a more engaging and creative way.

typography video production services in AUS

Educational Institutes

As audio-visuals create a significant impact on the reader’s mind, various educational institutes reach out to us and avail services from Acadecraft. We design beautiful and interactive typography videos for our clients that will leave a greater impact on the mind of the learners. These videos are typically included in their e-learning modules and consist of educational content and lessons as per the different levels and grades.


Software and Apps Developers

Many software and app developers come to collaborate with Acadecraft for communicating their messages effectively to the internet. We use rich creative illustrations while creating interactive typography videos for our clients. This not only helps in establishing the company’s recognition but also helps in promoting the objective of the company.

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How It Works

Acadecraft has earned the reputation and trust of its customers over a period of time. We always aim to provide the best typography video services to our clients. Our workflow process is quite straightforward and transparent.

We consist of an efficient group of animators who excellently fuse text with motion and incorporate suitable font styles and music to it for creating something mesmerizing for the audience. We begin with focussing upon the text which the client has provided us for creating a video and based on that we try to develop a unique concept for your project. We typically include the client’s suggestion in our ideas. Then our professionals do the research work on the topic and know the different age groups of the audience that are going to watch this video. After that, our skilled and knowledgeable script writer will write an engaging script for your video. Thereafter, we add various styles, fonts, and colors to it as per the requirement of the video and the target audience. Next, we choose an appropriate voice-over professional from a pool of voice-over artists who will voice over the script. Last but not least, we add music and visual performances to the video for holding the attention of the viewers and make sure that it remains engrossed till the end of the video.

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