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Organizations worldwide need to consider professional localization services to connect with their target audiences globally. Translation, subtitling, closed captioners, voice-overs, dubbing, and others are a few examples of localization services that are high on-demand. Therefore, professional service providers localize the workflow with different solutions for games, software, and mobile apps.

Acadecraft provides professional translation and localization services for apps, games, websites, and other software in 250+ languages for decades.

Types of localization services

Acadecraft lets clients' messages reach a global audience through localization services Acadecraft. So far, our linguistic experts have localized millions of words. We streamlined localization for thousands of business projects worldwide. Our platform has been offering the following services across the Australia and globe for over a decade.

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Acadecraft is a premier translation service provider in Australia for over 250+ international languages. Here, our translators accept any format source document and deliver the translated draft as per the client's request. We implement advanced techniques and solutions to ensure accuracy in all our projects.

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Subtitling experts at Acadecraft have years of experience in the industry. They make intelligent editorial choices, without losing the essence of the message. Also, our platform delivers customized subtitling solutions for media agencies and corporates worldwide.

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Acadecraft offers the world's largest database of vetted and professional voice actors. Here, we offer extensive voice-over services that meet international quality standards. Our professional voice-over services blend high-tech equipment with experienced artists to give you a complete package in a cost-effective way.

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Our dubbing artists offer exact lip-syncing and create script adaptations that convey our clients's brand message. Also, our experts help clients choose the best approach and workflow to deliver an adaptation that matches their needs and budget.

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Closed captions

Experienced and certified captioners at Acadecraft ensure that captions meet the highest technical and content standards. They support all types of file formats and language. We provide high-quality, time-synchronized captions for different types of industries.

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Live captions

At Acadecraft, our live captioners integrate words on-screen that make video content. Our platform has highly-trained captioners and stenographers, who listen to the live audio stream and re-speak what they hear, including punctuation and grammar.

Industries we serve

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Acadecraft delivers a cost-effective localization services to schools/ universities. Here, our localized solutions are 100% accurate. Our localizers have translated millions of words to streamline the education process worldwide.

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Acadecraft provides a wide variety of training components within the industry — translation, transcription, voice, subtitles, multi-media engineering for global companies, financial institutions, and government agencies.

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Acadecraft is a leading localization agency and leader in entertainment. We offer translation, interpretation, transcription, patent filing services, litigation support, document management, deposition services, website globalization, voiceovers, and subtitling.

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How does it work?

At Acadecraft, we first collaborate with our clients and understand clients requirements. Once we undertand their requirements we allocate a team for project execution. They create a blueprint mentioning all audio elements, sound effects, and other important nonverbal features. Linguistic experts then localize the content into individual titles, provide appropriate screen placement for each title, and timing each title to the corresponding audio. After that, quality analysts and proofreaders conduct a preliminary review.Then finally we deliver the project. To sum up, we collaborate, understand, strategize, localize and review before making the final delivery.

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