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Key Issues

Assessments have become an integral part of learning nowadays. It successfully helps in meeting the learning goals of the educational institution. Many institutions find it challenging to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of the learners, but through assessments, it becomes more clarified. The teachers also often find difficulty in analyzing the content and learning materials for their e-learning programs. Thus, they fail to develop the e-learning strategies which will make the learning effective.

Assessments break down these difficulties and help in establishing the e-learning goals of the platforms. Furthermore, it assists in accessing the abilities, interests, knowledge, and behavior of the learners for a specific course. In fact, while developing curriculums, it is important to understand the different components like learning objectives, style, strategies, and preferences of the learners. So, it is through assessments that these factors are analyzed by acquiring data from the learners. Thus, it can be said that the assessments are convincingly needed for decision-making related to the systematic development of curriculums. It is significantly needed by course-specific experts for developing a problem-solving learning experience that is well equipped with writing skills. Also, this innovative approach is required for developing well-designed, interactive, and learner-centered learning modules.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Our team of subject matter experts at Acadecraft are highly skilled and are proficient in dealing with distinct concepts relating to various disciplines. They have gained competence in developing performance-based assessments for different educational programs and clients. In fact, they are being constantly trained for remaining completely updated with the latest development trends in the education field. After writing the assessments, it is being passed on to our separate team of quality analysts for revising, verifying, and checking its validation. Our quality check procedure is highly efficient and meticulous.

What makes us unique in this field from the rest is that we follow the best practices and standards while creating high-stake assessments. By utilizing our task analyses, we at first create assessments checklists which serve as a standardized medium of grading portfolios and other tests based upon performances. We follow an extensive range of instructional methods while developing assessments for different higher education institutions. Our high-end services are 24*7 available which helps you in achieving timely and optimum results. While developing assessment items for our clients, we strictly adhere to the guidelines provided by them with desired practicality and relevance.

Types of Assessment Items We Develop

Being skilled and experienced in this field for years, we create the assessment items dependent upon the curriculum models. Also, we customize and re-customize the assessment items belonging to any field, concept, or qualification level as per the client’s guidelines. We provide assessment questions for,

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Essay Questions

In higher education, essays are perhaps the most well-known techniques used for assessment. Our professionals at Acadecraft are knowledgeable about creating essay questions that can evaluate the comprehension of the topic by the students. Additionally, our essay questions challenge the students' composing abilities while applying their insight into various situations.

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Multiple Choice Questions

At Acadecraft, we tweak the multiple-choice questions as per the required format, be it pairing, graphs, filling the gaps, tables, or some other incitement upon different grade levels and subjects. The questions are created without offering away the response in the distractors or question stem. In fact, these questions are aligned to metadata labels and necessary learning objectives.

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Constructive Response Questions (CRQ)

At Acadecraft, we can foster questions for experiential and dynamic learning just as request, disclosure, and issue-based learning. These questions are being created for challenging the high order thinking skills and basic investigation through the implementation of skills like drawing conclusions, comparing and contrasting, and combining data to genuine scenarios based on real-life.

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Short Answer Questions

In order to expand the reliability and legitimacy of the test, short answer-type questions are frequently added to the assessments. We, at Acadecraft, can foster excellent short answer-type questions based upon different variables like content, image, chart, table, graph, diagram, and so on. All these questions are developed by keeping in mind the peculiarity of the length as well as the extent of answers.

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Execution Task Questions

Our pools of lesson planners are highly experienced in developing questions to judge the high-order thinking skills of the students through performing tasks. These questions are used as an incredible tool for accessing the reasonable skills and abilities of the students. The exhibition-based questions created by us are planned to the recommended execution standards for various students.

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Computational Questions

We are perhaps one of the best panels of specialists that can foster exceptional computational questions. The questions are prepared by keeping in mind the objective of challenging the students to solve questions using problem-solving techniques. We create computational questions in a way that its steps relating to the solutions are marked separately. Additionally, each question is likewise addressed by an expert to guarantee accuracy.

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Technology Enhanced Items (TEI)

We, at Acadecraft, always remain refreshed with the most recent trends in the E-learning industry. Thus, we are knowledgeable about making and tagging technologically improved and enhanced things straightforwardly on the digital platform of the customer, by utilizing the accessible tools and apparatuses. Some of the innovatively upgraded items include cloze with drag and drop/drop-down, arrangement, match list, token highlight, and order list.

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Evidence-Based Response

At Acadecraft, we can create questions that can provoke the students to help their answers with proof from the content. Such inquiries may have more than one right response to furnish understudies with a wide scope of key insights concerning the content to improve their agreement when responding to such an inquiry.

Our Clients

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Colleges and Universities

Being a reputable content development company, Acadecraft delivers top-class assessment development solutions to various colleges and universities in the UK, USA, Australia, and other parts of the world. We strictly adhere to the prescribed blueprint and curriculum model of the institution, while developing assessments for them.

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E-learning Platforms

At Acadecraft, we have a strong grasp of different solutions for e-learning platforms. Our professionals stay updated with the latest trends in education and are familiar with the latest tools and platforms for developing interactive items that perfectly align with the relevant metadata. Also, we aim to deliver an optimum e-learning experience for audiences.

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Acadecraft collaborates with various publishing houses and provides them with quality, reliable, and new assessment items based on the courses and their specific needs. We also offer them question banks designed by our experts that prove quite effective while preparing for exams.

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How It Work?

Our development team at Acadecraft supports the development of high-quality assessments that not only engages students but also provides accurate results for high-grade students.

Our streamlined workflow process begins with determining the blueprint and specifications of the educational organization for which we will be developing the assessments. Then our highly qualified subject matter experts follow the best practices in developing assessment items for all levels. After completion of writing content for assessments, we participate in seeking advice for the validity of the content by the educational organization. Thereafter, our professionals perform operational testing and review the content. Next, the content for the assessment materials that are being developed is reviewed by a committee of facilitators and educators to verify its validity. Some necessary changes that are required are made by our editorial team to make sure that it meets the standards of assessment as prescribed by the educational institutions.

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