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Unleash the true potential of the learners with custom curriculum/course development services.

We are a top-notch curriculum and course development service provider that develops professional curriculums to meet distinct learning objectives.
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Key Issues

Nowadays, most of the organizations that deal in teaching, education, and training require a curriculum for training their learners and in a way expanding their offerings. Thus, they crave to look for the right professionals who have the expertise in developing courses and curriculums with updated development in the industry. In fact, there are lots of universities, schools, educational publishers, and corporates who are constantly looking for enhanced curriculums on a variety of subjects. They always look for subject matter specialists and instructional designers to develop excellent subject-specific curriculums at affordable costs.

As curriculum development is a vital element of imparting higher education and is a base of academic learning, it must be developed by keeping in mind the learning objectives of the learners and organizations. If the curriculums are not effectively planned, then the teachers won’t be able to complete the courses before the semesters. So, make sure to hire curriculum developers who are well aware of the pedagogy revolving around different concepts. It is extremely difficult for the institutions to identify the learning objectives for distinct courses and then accordingly align the curriculums. Thus, they always prefer relying upon professional curriculum development service agencies.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft is a pioneer in offering high-quality curriculum and course development solutions to various clients all around the world. We have a unique consortium of lesson planners, subject matter experts, and course development experts who work 24*7 to deliver their clients impactful and fully interactive training modules. Our professionals have a proven track record of success in various educational institutions and private as well as public sector agencies so they provide you with curriculums that ensure excellent learning outcomes and high returns on investments.

The curriculum that we deliver does not compromise with quality and it is updated as per the emergence of the new learning opportunities. Thus, we develop interactive curriculums specifically defining the needs and requirements of the organization that is based upon specific performance goals. We have developed several instructional materials, presentations, and courses that uniquely facilitate the training goals of the organization. What makes us unique is that we strictly adhere to objective-based development and instructional design standards while providing the clients with customized curriculums tailored as per the client’s specific needs. Our efficient team of curriculum planners indulges in various innovative ways for imparting education along with different learning objectives for higher education courses.

Types of Course Development Services

Acadecraft is a leading curriculum development agency that is offering clients the best possible course development outcomes for e-learning domains. Some of the key services that we provide are mentioned below.

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Content Development Solutions

Acadecraft possesses a dedicated team of subject matter experts and content developers who have gained years of experience in developing excellent content for the curriculums of different domains and industries. We provide instructional designs and outsourcing knowledge processing along with content writing, designing, and copy editing services.

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Curriculum Development Consulting

At Acadecraft, we have a team of academic consultants who assist global clients at every stage of curriculum development. We have helped different educational institutions in the successful implementation of curriculum solutions, enterprise learning solutions, custom application development, and mobile e-learning applications.

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Technological Solutions

Our team of academicians and subject matter experts at Acadecraft have all the skills and experience in providing the clients with precise technological solutions for the preparation of curriculums. We offer solutions like SARAS AMS (Assessment Management System), SARAS LMS (Learning Management System), SARAS ALS, and SARAS Virtual Learning Environment for enhanced learning.

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Custom E-learning Course Development

At Acadecraft, we deliver customized e-learning content development services by employing SCORM compliant authoring tools and utilizing the right e-learning methods. Through our developed courses, we also help in strengthening the workforce efficiency of the organization with the right knowledge transfer process. We also provide translated and localized courses in different languages.

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Learner-Centred Course Development

The curriculum designers at Acadecraft develop various training modules as per the learning objectives of the students. We identify the course level of the learners and then design innovative lessons, assignments, and activities with instructional diagrams according to the requirements of the clients. Also, make sure that our courses successfully impart knowledge to the learners.

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Subject-Centred Course Development

Our course designers collaborate and work with lesson planners to design subject-specific curriculums on a diverse range of subjects that covers multiple aspects of it. We also create a predetermined catalog of topics provided by the teachers to train the students. Thus, our designed curriculums are filled with interactive infographics, innovative videos, and other content forms to gain the student’s attention.

Our Clients

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College and Universities

Acadecraft is one of the leading curriculum development companies that deliver high-end curriculums to the various higher education institutions in the UK, USA, UAE, Australia, and Singapore. While designing curriculums, we keep in mind the learning objectives of the course and strictly adhere to the guidelines provided by the university.

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E-Learning Platforms

At Acadecraft, we have a strong grasp of developing curriculums for e-learning platforms. Our professionals implement the latest tools and technologies for developing innovative curriculums that perfectly meet the learning objectives of the higher education courses. We also aim to develop an optimum e-learning experience for diverse audiences.

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Our team of lesson planners and curriculum designers at Acadecraft pay special attention to the sequence via which education is imparted while designing curriculums. We create courses right from the scratch and plan the syllabus for the courses as per the university guidelines. While creating courses, we also keep in mind the flow of learning.

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How It Work?

At Acadecraft, we follow a simplified process in designing curriculums by keeping in mind the learner’s objectives. We make sure that the learners learn the concept in a better way, get in-depth knowledge about the topic being discussed, and are easy to understand through our designed curriculums.

First of all, we begin with understanding the requirements of our clients and the learning objectives. Then accordingly our team of professional curriculum developers creates a rationale as per the grade and course of the students. After that, we proceed to design the goals that require to be achieved through our curriculum. Thereafter, we focus on designing the learning objectives through evaluating strategies and imparting knowledge. Furthermore, our lesson planners along with curriculum developers develop the curriculum that well implements and manages the teaching strategies. Finally, we make sure to review the curriculum and revise it.

While designing curriculums, our primary objective is to design the curriculum that perfectly meets the needs and requirements of the clients.

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