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Customised AMC CAT Preparation Service For Most Effective Preparation.

Acadecraft is a leading EduTech service providing company offering expert-curated AMC CAT exam preparation services in Australia.
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The AMC CAT exam tests every aspect of public health and hygiene. The syllabus includes Adult Health, Women health, child health, mental health, and population health. So, they need to cover a large number of topics in a short period. Hence, the clients often look for specialised preparation strategies curated by certified experts. These strategies must be able to cover the entire syllabus comprehensively. They should strictly follow all the guidelines issued by AMC for the AMC CAT exam in Australia. However, many service providers fail to do so.

Also, the questions are in MCQ format. So, clients must have test prep in a similar pattern. The clients often look for trend analysts who can accurately analyse the trends from the previous year’s question papers. Many exam preparation service providers have inexperienced trend analysts. They often lead to inaccurate analysis and preparation. The service providers must ensure that their analysts have enough experience. They should be capable of highlighting the essential topics accurately.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft has medically certified experts who specialise in AMC CAT exam preparation. Our experts conduct deep research on the question pattern, essential topics, and the latest question trends. Our specialised trend analysts use the latest data analysis techniques to examine the last exam's data. Our clients can use the reports to design effective preparation strategies and sort out essential topics to cover.

We offer multiple preparation services, including study material, mock tests, and assessment papers for our clients. Medically certified experts developed our services. Most importantly, we strictly follow the guidelines of AMC. Our online mock test services follow a similar interface as the actual exams. Our clients can utilise it to assess their learners.

Our products pass through multiple quality checks to ensure that all our services are hundred per cent error-free. We always meet the deadline given by our clients. We also offer 24x7 support for all our services.

Types of AMC CAT Preparation Services

Our services are a result of extensive research and expert guidance.

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Computer Based Test

We specially design computer-based mock test services for the AMC CAT exam. It follows a similar interface as the main exam. Our clients can customise the test pattern and question sets according to their own needs.

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Study Materials

Medically certified subject matter experts prepare the study materials. It covers the entire syllabus of the AMC CAT in the most comprehensive manner. Our clients can use the study materials for guiding their learners.

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Curriculum Development

The syllabus of the AMC CAT exam is vast. Our curriculum experts help our clients in designing a perfect curriculum for preparation. Our experts are mindful of the main topics and the current question pattern.

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Question Banks

We integrate all the probable questions into our question banks. Our researchers perform extensive research to analyse the essential topics and trends. So, clients use it to focus on the crucial concepts.

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Solution Banks

The solution banks include solutions for all previously asked and probable questions. In addition, our subject matter experts prepare the solution manuals in easy to understand languages.

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Tutoring Services

We offer online tutoring services for our clients. Our tutors are highly experienced and duly certified. Clients receive highly qualified tutors every time. They cover the entire AMC CAT curriculum.

Our Clients

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Medical Sector

The medical sector clients use our curriculum research and study material development services to develop comprehensive preparation methods. We also offer question banks, customised solution sets, and other services to our medical sector clients.

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Coaching Centres

Coaching centres use our mock test and online tutoring services. Our medical experts also help them in developing an effective preparation strategy for the AMC CAT exam.

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E-Learning Industry

The study materials and other AMC CAT preparation services are provided online to our E-Learning clients. Our clients can use our services to design effective AM CAT preparation solutions for their learners.

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How It work?

In the first step, we connect with our clients to understand their demands and requirements. Our AMC CAT preparation experts and research analysts conduct research based on the client’s demands. Once they conclude researching, the subject experts and analysts collaborate to develop the products. After the product is ready, our quality analysts check the accuracy of the products. We strictly adhere to the syllabus and curriculum of the AMC CAT exam in Australia as issued by AMC. We promise timely delivery and 24x7 support to all our clients. Hence, we connect, collaborate, research, analyse, curate, test and deliver the perfect AMC CAT preparation services to our clients in Australia.

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