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Key issues

Corporates require special expertise and content resources in carrying out several administrative tasks. These are onboarding, imparting knowledge, and compliance training Not all organizations have the best human resources and tools to impart quality content. Hence, to deliver valuable content, they seek professional eLearning services. Organizations can gain a competitive edge through optimal knowledge and skilled workforce. Hence, they approach affordable corporate service provider to meet their professional requirements.

Corporate content services offer an effective LMS and CMS to roll out training materials quickly. Many agencies lack professionalism in delivering multilingual content services. Their in-house team may not have high level of specialization to handle administrative tasks and deliver learning solutions. Every organizations’ L&D team seeks assistance to curate accurate corporate learning content. In short span of time it is impossible to create learning modules for all learners. Hence, they save time on development by passing their projects to eLearning service providers.

How can Acadecraft help?

Acadecraft is known for on-time project delivery at a reasonable price. Our platform is not akin to other vendors who your custom eLearning projects to some other agencies. Thus, ourcontent developers deliver superior quality materials for training programs by utilizing rapid authoring tools. They create interactive, engaging, and professional content for the workforce. We at Acadecraft, develop the knowledge acquisition process by interactive videos, animations, Q and A sessions, and creating real-life scenarios. Additionally, we create custom eLearning modules to help executives master product knowledge. You may subscribe to our corporate content services anytime. Our project managers are available round the clock at client's services. Accordingly, we are committed to non-disclosure agreements and follow strict privacy norms to maintain client's confidentiality.

Types of corporate content services

Acadecraft offers a range of corporate content solutions for clients worldwide. So, companies in Australia and worldwide rely on us for quality training modules.

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Acadecraft makes training programs easier by offering audio e-books to clients. Here, we curate sharable and downloadable content across multiple devices. We embed the audio file content with podcast plugins. Therefore, our on-the-go content is useful for engaged workforce and instructors to connect anytime.

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Interactive videos

Acadecraft creates dynamic corporate training videos to integrate into training programs. These videos are compatible with social media platforms, LMS and others. In fact, clients can use them in their eLearning websites, coordinate and embed them with blog posts they write.

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Gamified learning

Acadecraft creates gamification learning solutions for volumes of staff. Clients get several forms of game solutions that eradicated tedious traditional learning solutions.

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Blended learning

Acadecraft gives the true cost of off-site and on-site learning. Even, our content developers design a flexible combination of live instruction, online learning, and practical projects, especially when mingled with other elements reinforcing the training through social sharing and management insight.

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Microlearning nuggets by Acadecraft facilitate the corporate training programs. Our microlearning solutions are short and narrow down the complexity level of training. Also, we foster peer-to-peer collaboration with social sharing and messaging on platforms.

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At Acadecraft, clients get the global standard of live webcasting for them. At our platform, we deliver Seamless Integrations. Enterprise-Grade Security. In-Event Branding. Cloud Recordings. Powerful Analytics and other features in webinar programs.

Clients we serve

Retail Corporate Content Services

IT Companies

Acadecraft smoothens the business operations of IT firms with corporate content services. Thus, we meet their business needs and encourage them to manage training content in whatever way supports their goals and needs. Also, we produce interactive content that drives buyers and engineers to learn more about company's industrial products and services.

Marketing Corporate Content


Australian marketing firms seek our corporate content solutions. Our digital team manages the targeted content strategies from blogs, graphics, and video to SEO, social and more. Therefore, clients integrate digital solutions into their digital marketing strategy and focus on achieving outcomes.

Manufacturing Content Services

Ed-tech companies

Acadecraft curates the optimal corporate content solutions for Ed-tech firms worldwide. We uplift the skills of their target audience with interactive eLearning modules. Our developer's design effective content that imparts quality training for clients.

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How does it work?

At Acadecraft, firstly, we assess the project and determine types of content creation that ensures higher ROI and meet the professional requirements. Our project managersidentify all development aspects. Next, our strategist team creates a blueprint to guide the developers. The developers' team incorporate supplemental training content with the rapid authoring tools to ease the creation process. Once completed, a quality analyst evaluates the content proficiency. If the project is flawless, then it is sent for delivery to clients by mail. In a nutshell, we assess, determine, identify, create, incorporate, and evaluate before delivery.

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