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Providing Optimal Typesetting Services For Content Across All Formats

We are a content development company offering typesetting services to clients worldwide.
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Key Issues

One may argue that content presentation has no role to play as long as the material is good. But in this digital age, the look and feel of anything matters most. Masses will not bother to read a piece of information if it is not attractive enough. So, well-formatted content is always a bonus. As a result, typesetting services are becoming increasingly popular for both online and offline content.

Clients prefer to outsource typesetting services as it ensures superior quality at comparatively cheaper rates. Also, finding and hiring the best typesetters is a hassle. But all agencies do not provide quality services. Some lack experienced experts, whereas others crumble under large volumes of content. Then others only work with specific languages. So, clients must partner with an agency that can tackle such issues and deliver on time.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft is a leading content development company. So, we have highly qualified and experienced typesetters for every genre. Irrespective of the volume and language of content, they always deliver top-quality results. Moreover, our linguists assist them in working with different languages like Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, and more. Some languages can be tricky because their letters may have meanings even when presented alone. But to connect with audiences, accurate language is a must. So, our typesetters place impactful words and sentences in proper lines and spaces to convey the exact meaning.

Our typesetters resolve kerning and tracking issues in addition to the usual formatting issues like font styles, font size, headers, footers, subheads and captions. Hence, clients receive content that guarantees a seamless reading experience to their users. Also, we are mindful of the eye movement features. We typeset the content in a way that guides users to read through the content sequentially. It highlights all essential parts without being too conspicuous. All our services are available 24/7 and delivered worldwide.

Types Of Typesetting Services

Typesetting experts in Acadecraft work with a wide range of content formats and genres. So, they provide multiple types of services to meet the needs of clients across all industry sectors.

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Manual Typesetting

Here, our typesetters manually go through the entire content and implement line by line formatting. They ensure to place all the textual elements accurately and organize them sequentially. Manual typesetting is convenient for smaller projects, but we also use this technique for large scale projects. Our team verifies the content multiple times before delivery.

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Automated Typesetting

Acadecraft uses the latest typesetting tools and software to typeset digital content. We do not use software to typeset print content. Lso, despite using technology, we review the results manually to ensure a hundred per cent accuracy. We quickly edit headings, colours, kerning, font styles, and more using the appropriate software tools. It is highly beneficial for clients that have large volumes of content to typeset.

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Proofing and Testing

As a part of our proofing and testing service, we assess font styles, image placement, typography, hyperlinking, indexing and formatting. It is a last-minute review for clients where we ensure that their content is perfect for publishing. The content may be in any format or design, so clients worldwide can use our services. Also, we assess the accessibility and compatibility levels of the content.

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Indexing is not necessarily a part of typesetting, but many clients wish to get their indexes made at this time. It ensures that the index is in adherence with the same format and does not hinder the typeset content in any possible manner. We design indexers for both digital and print formats. In the digital formats, we include hyperlinks as well. Clients use our indexing service as it enhances the navigation and readability of content.

Our Clients

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We typeset content for books, eBooks, PDFs, curriculums, promotional brochures, prospectus, and more. Academic clients prefer our services because we customize them as per the education level and content complexity.

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Publishing clients in Australia and worldwide use our typesetting services because we deliver in various digital and printable formats. Also, we handle large volumes of content in multiple languages across all genres.

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Entertainment industry clients create posters, banners, and pamphlets for different platforms and needs. So, we typeset their content for publication on OTT platforms, social media, banners, newspapers, and more.

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How It Works?

Typesetters at Acadecraft customize their services to meet the demands of clients across all industry domains. For this, they follow a proven workflow that guarantees quality delivery on time.

First, we collaborate with the client and collect their content. Next, we analyze the content and design a blueprint of the services required. Based on it, we typeset the content accordingly. Finally, our quality analysts review it for accuracy, compatibility and readability.

Hence, we collaborate, collect, analyze, design, typeset and review before delivery.

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