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Accurate and Error-Free Metadata Tagging Services by Senior Subject Experts and Software Engineers

Acadecraft is a leading pre-press and editorial services provider offering metadata services tags to clients worldwide.
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Key Issues

With increasing digitisation, all written and printed content have migrated online. It is crucial to ensure that the search engines can find the required pages from the vast online information database. So, publishers and businesses often take the help of professional metadata tagging services to tag accurate metadata in their content. However, many service providers use different software technologies to avoid manual effort. But, these software technologies are not the best and hence leads to incorrect metadata tagging. Also, the metadata decides the overall discoverability of the content. Hence, experts must design them after examining the content properly and search trends. But, many metadata services providers use a fixed format for a definite set of products, but this is ineffective as the search behaviours keep changing from time to time.

Moreover, software engineers alone cannot design the tags. It needs a deep collaboration between the subject matter experts and software engineers to decide the most appropriate meta tags. Only then, the clients can achieve the desired visibility results.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft follows a tested procedure to deliver the most effective metadata tags to its clients worldwide. Though we use a little bit of Artificial Intelligence for this purpose, our senior SMEs and software engineers manually perform the most crucial steps. As a result, it ensures error-free and accurate tagging. Also, our metadata layouts are dynamic. Our subject matter experts modify them from time to time by collaborating with our software engineers. They design the layouts after researching the search trends and consumer behaviour. Our clients can even receive new metadata tags for their content.

Moreover, experienced quality analysts test our services before delivering them to our clients. We check the accuracy and quality of the metadata tags. We make sure that the metadata tags provided by us are error-free and offer the desired visibility to our client’s contents. In addition, our technical experts guarantee complete post-delivery support to our clients. Thus, we deliver expert-curated effective metadata tagging services to our valued clients in Australia at a very cost-effective rate.

Types of Metadata Tagging Services

Acadecraft offers all types of metadata tagging services to satisfy every need of the clients.

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Descriptive Metadata Tagging

The clients require descriptive metadata tagging to add crucial information about the digital assets such as file name, keywords, author’s name, and more. We carefully design these tags to incorporate the most attractive features of the assets. Our subject matter experts carefully study the entire content to identify the most lucrative keywords and include the same into the metadata tags.

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Structural Metadata Tagging

The publishers and businesses often need to tag the various pages of the books and digital contents in a definite structure. The structural metadata tags help to align similar pages together. Our subject matter experts and software developers collaborate to develop the most effective structural metadata taggings. Our quality analysts check the tags to ensure that the pages are tagged and aligned accurately.

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Administrative Metadata Tagging

Administrative metadata tags help identify official and technical information like file types, date of creation, and information segment included. These tags often prove to be very useful for the business. Acadecraft offers accurate and error-free administrative metadata tagging services by professional software engineers. Our services are cost-effective and delivered according to the timeframe of our clients.

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SEO Metadata Tagging

SEO Metadata tagging includes SEO Title, Meta Descriptions, and more, all crucial in driving the search engine results for greater visibility of the client’s webpages. Acadecraft has seasoned SEO Executives who can identify the keywords and develop effective SEO metadata tags. These expert-curated tags help our clients in achieving better search engine rankings and hence, more business.

Our Clients

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Publishing Houses

Acadecraft adds the metadata tags to the online books for the publishing houses. Our subject matter experts first study the contents and then provide the most appropriate tags for the books. We also ensure to align the pages in proper order.

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Corporate Houses

Our software engineers efficiently tag business reports, pdfs and other business documents. We help our clients in arranging their data on the web. We also ensure proper visibility of the data on the internet to enhance business success.

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E-Learning Industry

The SEO Executives of Acadecraft help enhance the eLearning clients’ SEO results by adding accurate and effective meta tags. Our subject matter experts, SEO experts, and Software Engineers work in close collaboration to ensure appropriate tagging.

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How It Works?

We first connect with our clients to know their requirements and collect all the essential documents and data required to initiate tagging. Then our Subject Matter Experts and SEO Executives study the information and documents collected to identify the keywords and crucial features. Next, they collaborate with the software developers to design the metadata tags. After confirming the tags, our software engineers begin the tagging process. Once the tagging is complete, our quality analysts test the tags for accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness. They also ensure that the tags are capable of achieving the desired visibility before delivery. We always offer full-time support to our clients.

Hence, we connect, collect, research, design, test, and deliver the most efficient metadata tagging services to our clients in Australia.

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