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Acadecraft offers quality HTML?XML conversion services to valued clients worldwide.
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Key Issues

The HTML XML conversion is a quite hectic process. So, maintaining accuracy is the most important factor for the HTML XML conversion service providers. The converters must try to be hundred percent accurate in conversions. Also, the converters must match the timezones of their clients. When the clients give the converters any documents, those documents usually contain a lot of essential and sensitive data. It is the responsibility of the converters to assure that the client data is kept hundred per cent secured without any leak.

The responsibility of the HTML XML Conversion service providers should not be limited to conversion only. After completing the conversion process, they must ensure that the testing and quality analysis are done properly before delivery to the clients. Even after the delivery, they should ensure that they are available for support 24x7 if any bugs or anomalies occur.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

At Acadecraft, we have a large panel of technically expert coders and converters who have a huge experience of converting any document, both hard and soft, into HTML or XML file extensions. Our professional QA experts offer a hundred percent accurate HTML XML conversions with multiple after conversion testings and quality analysis. We extend 24x7 support to our clients and are always available to collaborate and convert according to their time zones. We have a strict code of conduct and high-quality security software to ensure that no data given to us by our clients are breached or leaked from our side.

Nowadays, many online websites are offering free HTML XML conversion services. But, the corporate houses and industries do not use them because these online converters are not suitable for the conversion of sensitive documents. The data becomes vulnerable to serious security breaches. They do not offer any full-time support. So, if there are any bugs or anomalies the client will have to repeat the whole conversion process. Also, these online converters usually do not offer any quality analysis after the conversion process. Hence, we have experts who provide a detailed and step by step conversion that requires no automated software. We only use licensed software that provides complete customer support and security.

Types of HTML XML Conversion Services offered by Acadecraft

Acadecraft offers HTML XML conversion services for almost every type of document. We strictly follow all the latest trends and guidelines during the entire process. Some of the HTML XML conversion services offered by Acadecraft are listed below.

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HTML XML Conversion from MS Word/Doc

Our clients give us Doc files, and we convert them to HTML XML extension files and webpages. These may include types reports, statistical analysis, business communications, and many other types of documents.

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HTML XML Conversion from PDF

Our experts are proficient in converting PDF files into HTML XML files. These usually include annual reports, textbooks, curricular information and syllabus, training manuals, instruction manuals, and large documents.

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HTML XML Conversion from Hard Copies

Whenever our clients give us the documents in hard copies, we first scan the documents to convert them into soft PDF files and then start converting the PDFs into HTML XML texts.

Our Clients

Convert Flash TO HTML5

Elearning Sector

We convert school reports, curricular contents and school brochures into HTML or XML extension pages. We ensure that all the information given to us is accurately converted into appropriate extensions and error-free.

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Corporate Sector

The corporate documents and reports are converted to HTML and XML files which are then thoroughly checked by our expert QA analyst to ensure the conversion is hundred per cent accurate and without any anomalies.

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Business Sector

The business sector companies need to regularly upload their business reports and sales-related pages into their web servers and websites. We help them in tagging the entire documents and uploading them without any hassle.

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How It Works?

The HTML or XML conversion process is highly technical and involves the following steps: Step 1: Scanning the paper-based documents: If the documents are paper-based, they need to be converted into soft copies first through scanning. Step 2: Inputting The Client Data: Once we have all the client data in the form of soft copies, we upload them into our extraction and streamlining systems. Step 3: Extracting the Useful Data From the given Data; We extract all the useful data from the documents given by our clients and make them ready for processing. Step 4: HTML / XML Tagging: In this step, we add tags to the entire convertible data of the document to convert them into HTML or XML text. Step 5: Self Testing: Our converters do self-testing first. It is to ensure that they can be addressed then and there if there are any major errors or issues. Step 6: QA Testing: Once our converters are satisfied with the quality, they hand over the project to our QA analysts, who then perform detailed quality analysis. Step 7: Upload and Delivery: Once the quality analysts are hundred percent satisfied, the files are uploaded on the web or delivered to the clients.

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