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Full-Service Project Management to Ensure Smooth Conduct in your Organisation

In Acadecraft, we have a large panel of seasoned experts who have at least ten years of experience handling and managing various projects, including industrial, corporate, publishing, and academic projects. We also use various management software and technologies to ensure the team members’ accurate invigilation and timely completion of the projects.
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Key Issues

The full-service project managers often fail to recognise the full potential and nature of the teams, which prevent the teams from performing to their optimum potentials. They also fail to efficiently communicate to the workers, leading to less efficient management. Many full-service project management companies hire less experienced project managers who fail to handle the projects perfectly. The managers should have proper man-management skills, communication skills, be familiar with all the latest management software, and ensure the timely performance of their team. The project managers should fully understand the demands and needs of their clients and take decisions keeping their clients in mind.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

At Acadecraft, we have a highly experienced team of professionally renowned and efficient project managers who have been in the industry for quite some time now. Each of them has experience of a minimum of ten years and knows how to manage projects very well. The managers have to go through a very stringent selection process that only recruits the best managers in the field. They are quite proficient and effective communicators. We use the latest project management technologies and ensure that the employees and their performances are tracked in real-time.

Important Skills of Our Full-Service Project Managers

As a full-service project management company, we hire fully professional managers with the perfect blend of project management skillsets. Some of the major skill sets we ensure in our managers are:

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  • Communication Skills
  • Man Management Skills
  • Technical Skills
  • Awareness of Deadlines
  • Experience in Project Management

Types of Project Management Services Offered by Acadecraft

Acadecraft offers a wide range of project management services to cater to the different needs of clients. Let’s take a look at the different types of project management services offered by acadecraft in detail.

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Publishing Project Management

Our publishing project managers help manage the entire publishing process of the educational institutions, publishing houses and printing presses. It helps them reduce the publishing cost and publish the best sellers and most essential documents faster and in larger volumes.

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Content Creation and Editing Project Management

The project managers at Acadecraft have a large experience in handling hundreds of writers and editors at a time. They use different kinds of technologies to track the activities of the writers and the editors, hence ensuring timely content flow. They allocate work, track daily performance and ensure timely delivery.

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Proofreading Project Management

The proofreading project managers not only guide the proofreaders in the entire process of proofreading, but they also proofread the documents themselves as a final step. It ensures double proofreading and perfectly accurate content. They keep in mind the time taken for the process and the resources used for verifying information.

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Digital Conversion Project Management

Our project managers are proficient in handling all kinds of projects, including HTML, XML and other digital conversions. The managers are also technical experts who help them understand the technicalities of the project and hence deliver instant help to the team when needed.

Our Clients

We offer full-service project management to some leading educational institutions, press and publishing houses, and some top industries and corporate houses. Some of the work we do for our clients are discussed below.

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Publishing Houses

We work with some of the leading publishing houses worldwide to ensure the proper management of the entire publication process. It includes managing the writing, editing, proofreading, publishing and digital conversion processes.

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Educational Institutions

Our full-service project managers efficiently manage the research papers, performance reports, textbook production and publishing. They constitute a bridge between the institutional and academic experts and writers and proofreaders to ensure streamlined publications.

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Corporate Houses

We help the corporate houses manage various projects related to the publication of annual reports, data entry, digital conversion of documents, outsourcing activities, recruitments and much more, with the help of our highly qualified managers.

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How It Works?

When we offer full-service project management services, we ensure that the full requirements of our clients are understood first. Once we fully understand the exact requirements of our clients, we deduce a time scheduled plan for proper allocation of work and resources and work out on steps to be followed. We ensure that each employee is fully capable of doing the work allocated, ensuring proper results. Also, we work on the type of tracking software and management technologies that would be the most appropriate for each type of project. We believe in training the employees, helping them enhance their performance and ensure timely and complete outputs.

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