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Acadecraft enhances the experimental procedure with interactive and engaging online activities.
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Key Issues

The virtual lab comprises virtual resources for Elearning training. Its apparatus functions the same as in real labs. Companies use virtual lab solutions to educate the workforce and make them acquire new skills. Not all organizations have the expertise and developers to create their in-house virtual labs. Therefore, they rely on eLearning vendors like us to train their workforce. Professional agencies deliver well-suited training solutions with real-time resources. They guarantee safety, real-time experience and boost the productivity level of employees.

Unlike traditional labs, learners learn at their own pace in virtual labs. They are offered in conjunction with eLearning course content. Elearning vendors utilize live technology and real-world scenarios to translate concepts into skills. Their offered realistic lab experience that let learners perform experiments and practice their skills in a fun and risk-free learning environment. Elearning vendors make use of Interactive simulations to engage students and create a game-like environment. They produce teacher training materials, lesson plans and assess the effectiveness of the project.

How can Acadecraft help?

Acadecraft offers interactive simulations to enhance real-time experiments. Our developers offer detailed lessons with clear instructions that layout a learning plan for clients. We create a Graded machine interactive that makes lab selection for clients very quickly.

Acadecraft utilizes 3D immersive tools and simulations to enhance the learning experience. Our platform's digital team deploys a complex application that integrates advanced visualization, interactive management through complex virtual devices and intelligent components.

We utilize virtual technology like AR/VR and others to mimic real-world practices to provide controlled and contained environments. Globally, clients count on us for virtualized development tools. Acadecraft delivers accurate virtual lab solutions that make visualization easy for on-site workers.

Remote learners and instructors can easily connect. Clients can make remote learning interactive and engage for both availing our solutions. With virtual apparatuses, we deliver you the real-life experiences of lab experiments. Our designed virtual labs illustrate essential concepts and support learning through videos, questions, and modelling. Deliver a smooth and flexible learning experience for your learners at an affordable price. Clients can train 24/7, anywhere on various devices, from the comfort of the organization or residence.

Benefits of virtual lab solutions

Virtual lab solutions are convenient and provide an advanced learning approach for remote learners and trainers. Below we have outlined few other merits of integrating into the corporate training programs.

  • It offers more flexibility, and no additional human resources are required to maintain it.
  • Clients can conduct experiments in any part of the world with high-speed internet and workstation.
  • Virtual labs enhance the workforce's productivity and maximize employers' ROI. It is a cost-effective means to train masses.
  • Clients minimize the chances of a disrupted schedule to train employees in learning vital skills.
  • It gives a safe space to practice experiment and learn concepts at own pace.
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Clients we serve

Online elearning educational design solutions


At Acadecraft, we deliver innovative virtual lab solutions to eLearning agencies worldwide. Our digital team meet the pace of current learning trends. Here, we help clients to build a high-performance culture.

Online elearning educational design services

Educational institutions

Schools and colleges minimize the risk of physical damage with our virtual lab solutions. Acadecraft serves them optimum solutions to conduct risky experiments remotely.

educational design


We enhance the business training and educate employees on new development practices. At Acadecraft, we deploy high-tech labs with living and recording features. Our interactive solutions help clients grow the cloud business to the next level.

Online educational design

How It Works

How does it work? At Acadecraft, our project managers prioritize client's objectives and jot down the appropriate solutions: We create the blueprint according to the client's requirement.

We gather relevant information that suits the project. Then it passes on to the developers' team, who collaborate with technical experts to create a detailed experiment. We incorporate IT tools, accurate language, high-quality visuals and graphics to make it interactive.
The quality Analyst team runs a test session to assess the content quality.
If they are satisfied with it, we deliver the project to clients.
Our prime objective is to deliver quality content. Hence, we analyze, create, determine, execute and examine before delivery.

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