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Acadecraft is leading eLearning platform providing impactful VILT services to clients worldwide
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Key Issues

Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) is a vital element of the virtual learning industry. However, many institutions and organizations lack the tools needed to conduct sessions. Also, they don’t have in-house experts who can share information, written notes and documents in real-time. Clients lack in delivering impactful virtual instructor led training and end up sticking to traditional learning options instead. As a result, they create poor quality training modules that fail to engage their learners.

So, professional VILT services step up to deliver quality training modules to clients. But, not all agencies have certified subject matter experts, dynamic experiential learning, and real-time feedback facilities. Consequently, the clients struggle to deliver impactful concepts or speed up the learning programs when dealing with more advanced learners. Many professional VILT services do not provide round the clock technical support, real-time instructional tools, and other features. Thus, without compromising quality clients need to choose reliable professional VILT services.

How can Acadecraft help?

At Acadecraft, we serve optimal VILT training solutions for clients of different time zones. Our round the clock availability and technical expertise makes us a reliable choice. Here, we have a team of subject matter experts, IT specialists, instructional designers, and more. Our specialists harness the power of AI, data science, and advanced analytics. All the training courses are of appropriate duration, entailed with interactive and engaging elements. Over the years, we have created multilingual and flexible instructor-led training solutions for organizations worldwide. We curate virtual classroom sessions for remote learners. Our certified in-house instructors enhance the learners’ productivity ensuring higher ROI for clients. Acadecraft facilitates real-time interaction with course presenters in our virtual classroom environments. Also, our 24/7 availability serves global clients ensuring higher ROI.

Types of VILT solutions

Acadecraft offers immersive Virtual instructor led training services at affordable prices to clients. Here, our specialists incorporate hands-on practices to keep learners engaged and retain information. Our platform offers a range of VILT solutions to clients worldwide.

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Virtual webinars

Acadecraft produces versatile webinar solutions that support many learners at a time. Also, we include features like breakout rooms, video embedding tools, drawing tools, and more. Clients host the session through mobile, laptop, PC, or any other device. Moreover, our optimal webinar solutions allow customized event invitations, secure registration process, customizable voting, and polling procedure features.

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Virtual training

Acadecraft provides practical and time-efficient VILT solutions to up-skill learners. Clients allow learners to complete their training from remote through engaging modules and tailored sessions. Here, our instructors don’t waste time on filler topics, allowing learners to learn sophisticated concepts through condensed modules. Here, our specialists utilize Virtual Reality (VR) and simulation technologies for producing optimal virtual training.

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One-on-one online training

At Acadecraft, our instructional designers utilize the best authoring tools. We develop engaging courses supporting one-on-one online training. Also, we migrate training modules into customized LMSs. Our platform curates easy-to use lectures to boost the participation of learners and their learning experience. We facilitate self-learning allowing learners to study at their own pace. Clients get 24/7 access to the learning modules and can host sessions anytime.

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One-to-many online tuition

Acadecraft offers one-to-many VILT training solutions for clients worldwide. Here, we curate valuable VILT training modules for many attendees. We allow clients to tap into thousands of attendees online, across all subjects in Australia. In our platform, we have instructors with years of experience in tutoring for different disciplines. Professional instructors and peer tutors are available anytime for learners to educate them.

Our clients

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Australian eLearning agencies count on Acadecraft for optimal VILT solutions. Over the years, we delivered high-quality VILT learning programs. Also, we increase the interactivity of clients through the ability to discuss questions and concepts in real-time.

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Our VILT courses and training programs are typically hosted on an (LMS) for Australian schools and universities. We maximize the L&D potential of educational clients with recorded lessons, interactive assignments, and other associated impactful tasks.

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Acadecraft expands the training horizon of businesses worldwide. Here, our subject matter experts connect with learning peers offering real-time training. With webinars and video conferencing tools clients easily connect with learners in Australia and worldwide.

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How it works?

At Acadecraft, we deliver high-quality professional VILT service to clients. Here, our instructional designers develop the relevant training content following a multi-step approach.

First, our project managers analyze the clients’ training objectives. Next, the strategist team creates the blueprint stating the appropriate VILT solution. Then, instructional designers and production team develops the content with appropriate authoring tools. Finally, quality analysts review the solution for accuracy and effectiveness.

Hence, we analyze, create, develop and review before delivering projects.

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