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Faster eLearning Solutions Without Compromising on Quality and Accuracy

Acadecraft is a leading eLearning services provider offering quality rapid eLearning courses developed by experienced experts to clients in Australia.
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Key Issues

The businesses want to roll out online courses on trending topics rapidly to ensure profits. But, traditionally, developing online courses require time. So, companies search for professional rapid eLearning service providers who can deliver accurate eLearning solutions rapidly. However, many service providers deliver already used slides to reduce production time. It deteriorates the originality of the products. In addition, the service providers fail to customise the products as per the client’s requirements.

Also, many service providers skip the post-production quality analysis if they have a short deadline. So, such products often contain errors and hence demand rework. But, the service providers usually do not offer post-delivery services. Even if they do, it increases the rollout timeline, thus affecting the clients’ business.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft offers freshly designed customised rapid eLearning solutions to its clients. We have an average turnaround time of two to three weeks, depending on the urgency of the products. We always deliver rapid eLearning materials within deadlines because we have a massive team of specialist experts who work on these projects collaboratively. We divide our project completion timeline into blocks to ensure timely completion of project development and keep sufficient time for quality analysis. Hence, our products are not only rapid but also error-free.

Qualified and experienced Subject Matter Experts design the content of our products. We use multiple tools to check the quality and authenticity of the graphics and animations used in the learning materials. In addition, we offer our services at an affordable price to our clients. All our products strictly align with the objectives of our clients. If the clients require modifications post-delivery, we offer free modification services within 24 to 48 hours.

Types of Rapid eLearning Solutions

Acadecraft delivers both software-designed and expert-developed rapid eLearning solutions to its clients. Some of our services are described below.

rapid e-learning services in USA
LMS Based Rapid eLearning

The clients often release the rapid eLearning materials into a learning management system. Our experts develop flexible eLearning resources to fit the specifications of the LMS. We also deliver a suitable LMS to our clients, if required.

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Rapid eLearning Resources for Websites

We deliver rapid eLearning solutions without LMS also. Our clients can publish the resources on their websites and mobile applications. We provide all types of learning resources, including courses, quizzes, and short explainers to our clients.

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Software Based Rapid eLearning

We use software to collaborate between the various slides, add texts and quiz questions. It helps to increase the pace of production. We use this technique when our clients demand services on an urgent basis within a very short deadline.

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Rapid Authoring

Acadecraft develops multiple rapid authoring tools to design rapid eLearning study materials, graphics, and quiz questions. Our clients can use these tools to eliminate the need for outsourced multimedia editing.

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Rapid UI Development

Our senior software engineers design eLearning user interfaces rapidly. We customise the interfaces to fit all the existing learning resources of our clients. Our clients can suggest the layout of the UI as per their needs.

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Rapid Translation and Localisation

We develop various translation and localisation softwares to rapidly translate and localise the eLearning resources of our clients. We deliver the rapid eLearning solutions in more than 100 languages worldwide.

Our Clients

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EduTech and eLearning Companies

Acadecraft offers error-free expert-curate rapid eLearning materials to the eLearning industry. We deliver customised courses, quizzes, and assessments within a very short time. Our services are affordable and has higher ROI value.

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Educational Organisations

Acadecraft delivers rapid eLearning solutions, custom eLearning solutions, mobile learning solutions, and many other learning resources to the educational organisations. The clients can suggest the topics and layouts of the products.

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IT Sector Companies

The IT sector companies often roll out courses on trending skills rapidly. Our industry experts develop the most appropriate rapid eLearning resources for our clients. They are error-free, fast, and affordable.

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How it works

At Acadecraft, we first connect with our clients to understand their full requirements. We then assign the project to a specialist rapid eLearning team. After receiving the instructions, the teams members decide a project completion timeline among themselves, and start working on the project. They divide the work and collaborate to complete the project within timeline. Then, our quality analysts check the accuracy, authenticity, and overall quality of our products. If we are satisfied with the quality, we deliver the products to our clients. We offer full-time support and post-delivery modification services to our clients.

Hence, we discuss, design, collaborate, develop, test, and deliver the perfect rapid eLearning solutions to the clients in Australia.

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