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Easing The Process Of Online Courseware Development By Minimizing Development Time

At Acadecraft, we make most of the interactive eLearning scenarios, rapid authoring tools.
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Key Issues

Automation affected every industry, and eLearning is not the exception. One of the best examples of automated tools in eLearning development is the rapid authoring tools. Many eLearning services lack in offering to offer cloud-based rapid authoring services. It is required to develop organizational content in less time. Thus, rapid authoring solutions offer a wide range of technical support to sophisticated training programs.

Having an in-house team may either make or break the training budget for a project. Also, the client ends up devoting more time to project development by ignoring other administrative tasks. So, companies rely on rapid eLearning solutions. They require a faster delivery model, low development cost, but low-cost service providers fail to meet their expectations. Also, not all service providers are the same. Accessibility and compatibility are primary concerns many agencies fail to address. Hence, investing in the right service provider is crucial to maximizing ROI and training outcomes for clients.

Benefits of rapid authoring solutions

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Available for all

Rapid authoring tools make online eLearning courses compatible with all devices. It caters to the customized needs of clients with integrated technical features. Also, it creates the optimum learning solutions that engage learners.

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Saves time and cost

Elearning course development is easy by picking the proper authoring tools. These tools help to design concise and informative content which is easier to understand and recall. So, clients worldwide prefer rapid authoring solutions to deliver quality learning.

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Smooth deployment

We ensure that deploying online courses is not of a daunting task anymore. Our authoring solutions allow clients to quickly deliver to the target audience. Compatible training programs run on wider platforms like tablets, smartphones, and desktops.

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Enhance Performance

Rapid authoring boosts learner’s efficiency. It increases their retention level, learning behaviour, and performance. Trainers can evaluate them based on scores and badges. Overall, it enhances business productivity and learners’ workplace efficiency.

How can Acadecraft help?

At Acadecraft, we determine the client’s need to develop an eLearning project. Without hampering their budget, we deploy quality experts at the mission. So, clients leverage advanced rapid authoring tools to deliver smaller learning modules to maximize ROI. Our digital team comprises experienced instructional designers, content developers, and illustrators. Unlike other agencies, Acadecraft does not take months to roll out training programs. We accomplish it within weeks to save client’s time and improve audience productivity. The digital team at our platform integrates a gamut of features. These help them to use technology-enabled resources that make modules more accessible. Also, our helpdesk team is available 24/7 for clients of different time zone. We integrate a user-friendly interface, precise cut editing, advanced captioning system and tracking eLearning courses. Most importantly, we extend our help to different business verticals worldwide.

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