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Acadecraft addresses specific learning needs and improves productivity and ROI for business organizations globally.
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Key Issues

Next-gen learners prefer small learning nuggets. Professional microlearning performs productive activities that enhance their learning experience. Innovative Microlearning solutions deliver accurate knowledge by removing barriers between learners and instructors. Due to increase in demand for professional microlearning solutions, training became effortless. Corporates prefer professionally curated courses because they do not have the expertise in creating manageable learning nuggets. Innovative Microlearning solutions effectively engages the workforce and gives the desired professional outcomes. Companies should sync their business priorities at a proper pace with the microlearning solutions.

Organizations can fuse it with Gamification, m-learning and video learning to create effective training programs. Microlearning modules are beyond content chunking. However, its development process requires particular expertise. Complex concepts need a blended solution of different elements to make it easier for learners.

How can Acadecraft help?

Acadecraft is dedicated eLearning platform fordifferent microlearning domains. We provide intuitive learning solutions that engage communities worldwide. Acadecraft design short modules that accomplish your learners' outcome. Our Innovative microlearning solutions helps learners to make instant decisions and promptly develop risk-management skills. We have a team of SMEs, instructional designers and others who create customized innovative microlearning solutions. Acadecraft utilizes interactive tools like text, images, infographics, and videos that enhance the effectiveness of microlearning modules. By accessing our micro-learning modules, organizations harness their employees' strength and recognize their expertise. Gain a competitive edge over competitors and meet the organization's training needs at the best-quoted price.

Types of Microlearning Solutions

Microlearning modules are essential elements for informal and formal training at the workplace. Acadecraft provides several types of learning solutions that are easily accessible to the masses.

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Short Videos and Animations

Our platform utilizes free and low-cost tools to create short videos for employees. Corporates share different videos with multiple learners. Engaging animated videos are helpful to teach shortcuts and another crucial knowledge. We assist instructors and in-house subject matter experts in demonstrating concepts to the workforce with short, animated videos.

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Text Message-based Microlearning

We allow instructional designers to present instructions easily with the text message-based system. In this system, learners view a short series of text messages. The message consists of essential information and concepts that instructors want to teach. These short learning nuggets are useful for learners who are not tech-friendly. It helps them because they find complex concepts difficult to understand.

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Social Learning

We make the most use of social media platforms where learners connect amongst themselves. They interact, discuss and teach like company trainers. Our platform develops internal social network for organizations so that they can connect to the information daily.

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Gamification Solutions

Acadecraft designs Gamified learning solutions for learner that impart knowledge along with the entertainment. Our gamification solutions have badges, different levels of competition and leaderboards in our microlearning modules. It motivates the learners to push themselves and give extra dedication to learning.

Our Clients

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Acadecraft serves innovative microlearning solutions for manufacturing, trading and other industries. Our short eLearning courses, podcasts, and gamification solutions enhance the engagement level of their workforce.

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Acadecraft associates with schools and universities to impart helpful knowledge. We curate microlearning solutions for technical subjects like Mathematics, Science, English and other disciplines. Our specialized team integrates a blueprint to map out the big-picture solutions.

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Australian corporate firms count on Acadecraft for developing short training programs. We are a scientifically proven microlearning platform that quantifiably improves employee behaviour.

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How It Works

Acadecraft delivers innovative, personalized and accurate microlearning nuggets to valuable clients. We align to their training objectives and follow the mentioned below methodology

Our project managers first identify the client's requirements and spot out the irrelevant data from training modules. The developer team designs solutions according to guidelines given by the project manager. Our talented specialists condense 120 min video to 5-10 min video. They incorporate rapid authoring tools to develop microlearning modules in no time. Proofreaders, editors and QA team evaluate the same and send for rework if any error is found. Finally, after their approval, we share the draft with clients. To sum up, we identify, design, incorporate and evaluate the project before making final delivery.

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