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Flexible, Affordable, and Engaging Language Learning Solutions for Businesses

Acadecraft delivers efficient and flexible language learning solutions for more than 35 world languages.
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Key Issues

With the increase in trend for multinational operations, the businesses often require efficient language learning tools which can be used for internal training. But, most of the language learning solutions providers develop fixed language learning courses that cannot be modified as per the client’s requirements. In addition, many of the courses are not self-paced. So, it is pretty time-consuming for the client’s employees to follow them. Even if they do, it hampers the operations of the business.

Also, businesses often search for engaging and interactive language learning solutions. But, the service providers take a long time to design such products. Hence, they fail to deliver their services on time. Moreover, the clients need to pay hidden costs if they want to add customised features. It affects their finances.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft has proficient linguistic experts in more than 35 languages. We have certified specialists in all the major world languages, including Spanish, French, German, Mandarin, Japanese, Russian, and Arabic. Our linguistic experts collaborate with our software developers to design unique and innovative language learning solutions tailor-made for our clients. The software developers have experience in delivering interactive language learning tools to our clients.

Acadecraft develops self-paced language courses, game-based language learning tools, interactive language learning applications, and many other types of language learning solutions for clients. Our quality analysts repeatedly check the accuracy of the products before delivery. We also deliver time-bound language assessments for our clients. We offer 24x7 client support and post-delivery modification services for our clients.

Types of Language Learning Solutions

We develop multiple course-based, game-based, and assessment-based language learning solutions for our clients. Some of them are discussed below.

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Self-Paced Language Courses

The self-paced language courses have flexible timelines. We design customised courses to include all the necessary topics for our clients. We also develop topic-wise quizzes and end-course assessments. Our clients can even issue certificates based on the scores.

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Game-Based Language Learning Tools

Our software developers design innovative game-based language learning tools. The games are designed to enhance the business-based language skills of the workforce. Hence, our clients can request different learning solutions for different departments based on their needs.

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Interactive Language Application

We design interactive language applications for both PC and mobile systems. We use 3D animations and Artificial Intelligence to design interactive online teaching bots. Our clients can custom-feed the applications so that they deliver the required topics.

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Mobile-Based Language Apps

Acadecraft delivers mobile-based language learning applications which our clients can customise. The clients can use these apps to track the improvement in their workforce’s skillset over an extended period. They can also auto-schedule revision tests.

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Language Assessments

The language experts design the assessment papers in a scientific pattern to increase the language proficiency gradually. We also deliver revision assessment papers after a particular time. Our clients can customise the layout and time-duration of the question papers.

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Competitive Quizzes

Acadecraft delivers competitive language quizzes in online and offline print-ready modes to the clients. Our clients can conduct these quizzes among their employees and learners to compare their skillsets and track their performances.

Our Clients

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Multinational Companies

Acadecraft delivers custom-curated language learning solutions along with multilanguage support to the MNCs. Our clients use our services to deliver language training at their own pace.

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IT Sector Companies

We develop innovative language learning software and deliver them for business purposes to the IT sector companies. Our clients can suggest ideas, and we will develop the desired application within deadlines.

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E-Learning Industry

We design, develop and deliver language learning applications, assessments, and quizzes for the eLearning industry. We also curate efficient game-based learning software for various subjects for our clients.

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How It Works?

At Acadecraft, we always try to understand our client’s complete requirements before beginning our work. So, our subject matter experts first connect with our clients to discuss the details of the project. Once we are familiar with their needs, we prepare a team of specialists and allocate the project to them. Our software developers first go through the details of the project and design a preliminary model of the product. Then, we request our clients to review the same. We collect their feedback and incorporate the changes. Once our clients approve the designs, our software developers collaborate with our linguistics experts to develop the project.

Once the products are ready, our quality analysis team check the products. The team includes both technical experts and language experts who test every aspect of the product. If the quality of the products is satisfactory, we deliver them to our clients. Our clients can request modifications and upgrades after delivery. Hence, we discuss, design, review, modify, develop, test, and deliver!

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