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Delivering Customised Interactive Whiteboard Learning Solutions to Meet all Business Needs

Acadecraft is a leading EduTech services provider offering affordable interactive whiteboard learning solutions, including whiteboard games, interactive content, quizzes, among others.
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Key Issues

The Interactive Whiteboards are nowadays pretty popular in Educational Organisations, Corporate Companies, Media Houses, and many other industries. So, the companies often require professional interactive whiteboard services developers who can deliver customised content regularly. However, the service providers often lack experienced subject matter experts and hence fail to deliver innovative content. Also, they often make errors in technical and logical topics.

In addition, the service providers usually do not offer post-delivery modification services on time. It results in inconveniences and time-lags for the clients. Many services providers demand hidden costs for additional services. It affects the finances of the clients. The Interactive Whiteboard Service providers must offer unique and glitch-free services within fixed timelines.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft has developed a specialist team of Subject Matter Experts, Animators and Graphic Designers to develop accurate, creative, and innovative interactive whiteboard learning services for clients in Australia. We customise the contents to fulfil the client’s requirements. Also, we have a specialist quality analysis team, which includes technical experts, senior SMEs, and copyeditors, who repeatedly check the product before delivery. Hence, our services are glitch-free and error-free.

Acadecraft always delivers the services strictly within deadlines. Also, we provide full-time support to our clients. If the clients require modifications after delivery, we offer to edit the products instantly. We develop educational interactive whiteboard content, interactive quizzes, interactive business ppts, and many other products. We provide affordable services without any hidden cost regularly to our clients.

Types of Interactive Whiteboard Learning Services

We design innovative interactive whiteboard content to custom-fit all educational and business needs of our clients. Some of our services are discussed below.

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Interactive Whiteboard Learning Content

The subject matter experts of Acadecraft develop subject-wise and topic-wise interactive educational content regularly for our clients. In addition, we have specialist teams for mathematical, scientific, and technical subjects. We offer 24x7 services at an affordable rate. We deliver long-term services to our clients.

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Interactive Whiteboard Games

Our experts design tailor-made interactive whiteboard games for Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary, Senior Secondary, and Higher Education level topics. We also develop competitive whiteboard games for the corporate industry. The clients can suggest and customise the idea and layout of the games as per their requirements.

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Interactive Whiteboard Quiz The interactive whiteboard quizzes ensure equal participation of all the learners. Our clients can use our services to design accessible interactive whiteboard quizzes. It helps the clients to compare the overall performance of all sections of their learner base. Our SMEs design customised, engaging, and error-free quizzes.

Interactive Business Presentations Acadecraft delivers customised and error-free interactive whiteboard business presentations. We repeatedly check the accuracy of all the statistical data delivered through the content. Our clients can request modifications if necessary. We have a minimum turnaround time. We deliver the services strictly within deadlines.

Our Clients

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Educational Organisations

Acadecraft delivers interactive study materials, quizzes, assessments, and other interactive whiteboard learning services to fulfil clients’ requirements. We provide services to both K12 and Higher Educational Organisations.

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Corporate Companies

Corporate companies require interactive whiteboard presentations for conferences, business meetings, and seminars. We deliver fully customised interactive whiteboard presentations within strict deadlines.

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Media Houses

The media houses require interactive whiteboard services for weather forecasts, news reports, and many other purposes. Acadecraft regularly delivers affordable interactive whiteboard services at an affordable price.

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How it works

Our experts first connect with our clients to understand their requirements. Once we know their requirements, we assign the project to one of our specialist interactive whiteboard service teams. The team members study the requirements and start developing the project. Once the product is ready, our quality analysis team checks the accuracy and quality of the products. If we are satisfied with the quality, we deliver the products to our clients. Our clients can request modifications after delivery, if necessary.

Hence, we discuss, design, develop, check, and deliver unique interactive whiteboard learning services to clients in Australia.

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