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Acadecraft delivers accurate instructional designing that blends activities and concepts for a significant impact on learners.
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Key Issues

Businesses look for certified instructional trainers for on-site training. Instructional-led training (ILT) is the best option they rely on to meet their training requirements. They practice engaging methods like discussion, hands-on experiments, discussions, and others to enable learners' retain information. Communication is the essential factor in grasping the concept. Instructor-led training courses encourage both instructors and learners to discuss and understand the concept. It is an excellent option for an organization that wants to deliver customer training education to the workforce. There are specific complex modules that are difficult to understand. Instructors can avail of ILT solutions to establish a communication channel with learners to clarify doubts. Creating ILT solutions is not the task of amateurs.

Professional agencies like Acadecraft carry years of experience in this domain. Professionally curated ILT solutions meet the industrial standards. They train groups or individuals with high-quality training materials and good networking channels. Affordable and reliable agencies like us can train different kinds of learners in your organization. Whether they tech-savvy or not, ILT solutions meet the learning requirements of the masses. Instructor-led training content developers adhere to professional objectives and make complex concepts easier for everyone. Every learner has his or her ability to understand. Clients can get over this hurdle by availing of ILT services.

How can Acadecraft help?

Modern instructional strategies and techniques are the need of an hour for corporates. Therefore, Acadecraft uses the latest technology and resources to deliver engaging training that enhances employees' productivity. Collaborating with us will give you desired learning outcomes via virtual classrooms, eLearning software, microlearning solutions, and blended learning solutions. We facilitate better retention and on-site knowledge application of your learners. We meet modern learners' learning requirements by incorporating multimedia content, interactive lessons and activities, Iterative UX and Graphic Design, and other elements. Our ILT solutions are informative and helpful to retain vital knowledge. Get an organized training content from our ILT developers and present it in an effective format. Our instructors have different training approaches, pedagogies, and modalities to create a unique learning experience.

Types of instructional led training

instructor-led training services
Classroom training

Acadecraft collaborates with your L&D team and incorporates multimedia elements for classroom training. We rely on cutting-edge solutions to eradicate tedious traditional learning patterns. Our motto is to engage your learners with interactive videos, explainer videos, instructional guides, and other study material. Count on our ILT solutions for effective teaching.

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One on One training

Discussion is an effective means to understand the concept. At Acadecraft, we offer more learning opportunities to learners. Our designed ILT solutions are easier to adapt and flexible for them. We make your training programs more engaging by breaking down massive courses into smaller bits and pieces that are easy to consume. We allow your trainers and learners to react and share feedback during a training session.

instructor-led training

Organizations can build a communication channel with international learners via webinars. Acadecraft connects you with the far located audience to have real-time conversations. Communicate with masses in any corner of the world. Our platform incorporates interactive elements like slides, visual snippets, and others to make webinars successful. Attract more users for your training programs through our designed customized ILT solutions.

Online instructor-led training
Virtual ILT

Every business prefers to set stay-at-home instructions for learners. Acadecraft makes learning accessible for instructors and learners sitting at different locations. We replace monotonous traditional learning with virtual learning. Learning becomes easy and effective for professional development. We capture learners' interest and allow them to access learning solutions anytime and anywhere.

Clients we serve

instructor-led training services


Acadecraft is the leading ILT solutions provider that meets the learning objectives of next-gen learners. We have a qualified internal team that follows an excellent methodology to create relevant academic resources for Australian eLearning firms. Our tailored solutions suit their professional needs. We develop dynamic and responsive courses using the latest eLearning technologies.

instructor-led training service provider in AUS


Acadecraft designs business-ready content for corporates. It helps to onboard and training young and inexperienced workforce. Our custom ILT removes complexity from crucial training programs. Our instructional designers, graphic designers, and subject matter experts collaborate with the L&D team to enhance the learning experience of employees.

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Educational institutions worldwide rely on our instructor-led training to get customized learning solutions. We meet the global educational standards and strictly adhere to institutional guidelines. Acadecraft converts monotonous traditional learning to impactful eLearning nuggets for schools and universities.

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How does it work?

The project manager outlines the client's objectives. They will understand your requirements and analyze them accordingly. They finalize one training method that suits the project's needs. Before development, Acadecraft connects the dots and designing a blueprint to ensure relevancy in the ILT content. The project is shifted to developers and the designing team, who curate the content. They incorporate all required elements in your training project that make it comprehensive. The quality check team checks the balance between interactive elements and content in the project. After their green signal, we serve your project by email.

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