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We are an eLearning company developing game-based learning solutions to valued partners worldwide.
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Key Issues

Gamification is the new reality in eLearning. Corporate training programs include gamification solutions to enhance the engagement level of employees. To foster a competitive environment, o clients lack expertise and human resource. They have inadequate knowledge to design games and integrate them into training programs.

So, they come across many challenges. It affects their sales incentives, product marketing, branding, and workforce engagement. Hence, clients look to outsource game-based eLearning services. But many agencies lack high-quality graphic designers, adequate software expertise, and other required resources. Their modules are limited to badges, points, and leader boards, but there is more to it than that. Thus, it is essential for clients to partner with a competent agency that can provide the gamification strategies needed to enhance their learning modules.

How can Acadecraft help?

At Acadecraft, we design and develops game-based learning solutions at a quick turnaround time. Our strategists incorporate the latest authoring tools to make complex scenarios easier. Also, we ensure that the corporate training programs are relevant, compelling, engaging, sustainable and impactful. Here, our developers fine-tune the client's strategy, expertly plan and execute programs. Moreover, we motivate the target audience by incorporating three essential elements data, science and feedback. It ensures the continuous progress of organizations worldwide. Our helpdesk team is 24/7 available to serve projects of any size and complexity level. All in all, we are capable of removing all complexities ensuring higher ROI for clients.

Types of game-based learning solutions

Scenario-based simulations Gaming solutions by Acadecraft are blended with interactive elements and virtual scenarios. Our online scenario-based simulation delivers an individualized experience, which varies depending on the learner's ability and knowledge.

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Gamified portals

Acadecraft utilizes the latest solutions like 3D virtual environments, Virtual Reality videos, gamification, social learning elements to design gaming portals. It offers a personalized approach in training programs where learners play their roles.

Gamification in education company

Acadecraft introduces theme-based learning to clients. On choosing a particular theme, the learners have to perform a specific action based on which they earn badges. Consequently, learners are motivated to learn more. It results in improved learner engagement and retention levels.

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Mobile-based gaming solutions

Organizations worldwide seek to deliver soft-skills training available on-demand, to their employees. Thus, our game-based training and gamification solutions have multi-device support accessible through Mobile, Tablet or Desktop.

Gamification in education company

Acadecraft includes Gamified assessments to evaluate the learners' knowledge retention. Our assessments are engaging and interesting, so learners do not avoid them. Our assignments test learner progress, keep track of strengths and weaknesses and provide feedback.

Clients we serve

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Game-based learning solutions by Acadecraft are proven solutions for eLearning agencies. It helps them meet learning objectives and business goals. Our high-quality solutions facilitate the distribution of eLearning programs of clients.

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Acadecraft designs and develops game-based learning technology and entertainment games. Our strategists and developers provide action and strategy-based games. Hence, we deliver innovative and high-quality games to schools and universities worldwide.

Gamification in education company


Acadecraft has a global footprint and serves multiple industries. Our gaming solutions aid in rapid authoring, responsive content design, custom content development, etc. We employ primary as well as secondary research techniques to change the size of business landscapes.

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How does it work?

At Acadecraft, we assess the project requirements before initiating the development process. Here, deliver optimal game based learning services following the holistic approach When clients share their objectives with our project managers, we analyze it, Next, our strategist team designs the stating the methods to follow. Then, our developer's team gathers all relevant materials like authoring tools and programming resources to develop gaming solutions. Finally, our quality analyst team reviews the module for accuracy and eradicates flaws.

Hence, we analyze, design, gathers, develops and review before final delivery.

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