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Enhance eLearning Business Profits With Custom-Fit Digital Solutions

Acadecraft delivers innovative eLearning and EduTech services to clients in Australia. Our services include Web Development Services, Data Analytics, Learning Application Development, and more!
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Key Issues

With the increasing digitisation trend, companies need to update their digital assets to ensure smooth operations over the internet. But, maintaining a specialist IT team only for the upgradation and maintenance purpose often proves costly for the businesses. So, the companies often search for professional eLearning technology solutions and EduTech services providers who can deliver affordable services within deadlines. Such companies can help the clients to increase their Return on Investment Ratio significantly.

However, many services providing companies have longer turnaround timelines due to inadequate resources and IT experts. Also, they offer a limited set of services only, that too, lack effective customisation. The service providing companies must have experienced IT professionals who can deliver 24x7 services at an affordable rate.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft has specialist software developers, Data Analysts, Subject Matter Experts, and Quality Analysts. We deliver affordable and customised eLearning Technology Solutions and EduTech Services to our clients within deadlines. We provide different services, including web development services, eLearning application development services, exam and assessment portals, learning management system development and customisation services, and many more EduTech solutions to meet business requirements.

We have a minimum turnaround time, and we offer full-time services to our clients. We offer upgradation services of the pre-existing software at a subsidised rate to our long-term clients. We also provide free maintenance services for all our products. Our services significantly increase the ROI of the clients with the latest digital solutions, improved business productivity, reduced costs, and increased efficiency.

Types of eLearning Technology Solutions and EduTech Services

rapid e-learning services in USA
End-to-End Web Development

Acadecraft is a specialist in designing eLearning websites for clients. We develop digital learning destinations, course-based websites, custom-built eLearning platforms, and quiz platforms. We also provide full-time maintenance services to our clients.

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Data Analytics and ML Services

Acadecraft has experienced data scientists who use sophisticated tools and software to collect and research relevant data to help our clients enhance their businesses. Also, our specialist Machine Learning experts use the reports to develop effective ML products for the clients.

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AI Technology Solutions

Our Artificial Intelligence experts develop multiple engaging AI-based interactive eLearning solutions to enhance the learning experience. Our clients can use our services to build chatbots, interactive assessment papers, digital learning assistants, and more.

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eLearning Application Development

We have experienced software developers who design efficient mobile-based and windows-based eLearning applications. Our clients can customise the layout and User Interface structure of the applications based on their needs.

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Examination Portal Designing

Acadecraft designs effective and easy-to-use examination portals for clients. We add custom-made features to the exam portals to make them suitable for our clients. We provide 24x7 grievance redressal, maintenance and update services for our products.

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Learning Management Systems

Acadecraft develops and customises learning management systems for K12 educational institutions, higher educational institutions, and the eLearning industry. Our LMS is affordable without any hidden cost. We provide full-time maintenance and upgrades.

Our Clients

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E-Learning Industry

Acadecraft offers customised web development, app development, course content development, assessment development, and many other services to the eLearning industry regularly at a very affordable price.

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IT Sector Companies

We deliver advanced level data research and analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence services for business purposes to the IT sector companies. We provide long-term services with 24x7 support.

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Educational Organisations

Educational organisations often require expert-curate digital learning solutions. Acadecraft delivers custom-designed services, including organisational websites and learning portals, LMS, learning apps, and more.

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How It Works?

Acadecraft connects with the clients to understand their demands and requirements. After knowing the needs, we assign the project to our specialist EduTech team members. The experts then go through the project details and conduct relevant research. Then, we design a working model of the product, which our quality analysts and our clients may review. If the clients approve the design, our experts develop the products and deliver them to our testing and quality analysis team. Our testing team tests the quality of the products and analyse their performance. If we are satisfied with the products, we deliver them to our clients. Our clients may request further modifications if required.

Hence, we connect, understand, design, review, develop, test, and deliver!

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