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Key Issues

Clients seek effective learning and training modules for their learners and employees. Dialogue simulations are one of the best options. However, clients lack the expertise, software solutions, and human resources to create effective simulations. So, they seek professional service providers. They streamline the module development process and offer a range of simulations for different circumstances.

These service providers must have a clear idea about building dialogue simulation modules. But, many lack themind-mapping software tools and expertise required to connect with the target audience. Dialogue simulation teaches practical concepts using advanced techniques. Many agencies don’t have the advanced software to create optimum dialogue solutions. Creating business communication simulations as part of corporate training is the best way to improve communication skills. In-house sales personnel are aware of this but fail to create simulations that adapt to consumers’ needs.

How can Acadecraft help?

Acadecraft curates personalized dialogue simulations derived from real-life issues. Our simulation developers pick the right background, character and scenarios. We have talented voice-over artists who deliver the dialogues and narration. We develop conversation skills in a low-risk environment to help clients and learners. The modules develop the required soft skills and concept knowledge in learners. Moreover, we also create customized characters who reply to different choices and questions of learners. We integrate 3D simulations, short dialogues and the rest of the information is presented with texts, videos, and interactive diagrams. Consequently, our modules boost sales and deliver the maximum ROI.

Types of dialogue simulations

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Simple simulations

Acadecraft offers simple simulations that allow the client to test or practice one skill. We incorporate appropriate algorithms to improve learners' memorization. Also, we broaden the learners' thinking power with indispensable simple simulations.

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Complex simulations

Clients train their learners for various skills at once, using complex simulations. Here, we employ real-life simulations to create immersive learning conversations. Our platform utilizes media assets to deliver multiple skills at once.

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One-shot Simulations

Acadecraft uses real-time conversation to train learners about the various software technologies. Here, learners are free to change their answer or feedback if they are wrong. Thus, it helps them learn from their mistakes and rectify them.

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Learn-by-example simulations

Acadecraft arranges dialogues in chronological order with pedagogical tools. Thus, it develops logical and cognitive abilities of learners. The digital team creates many positive feedbacks for learners to motivate them throughout the simulation.

Clients we serve

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Dialogue simulations are helpful for the hospitality industry. Clients deliver onboarding, Guest handling, cultural awareness, and service experience to their employees. Our dialogue simulations encourage the active participation of employees and brainstorm new ideas.

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Acadecraft performs pedagogical methodology that is used in advanced practice in K-12 educational institution. We enhance their clinical experiences and allows for better learning and assessment.

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Banking and Fintech sector

At Acadecraft, we develop simulation eLearning tools to improve the compliance, work process and sales of the financial sector. Our realistic simulations drive better learning outcomes for new recruits enabling them to learn faster.

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How does it work?

At Acadecraft, we begin by understanding the client requirements. This is followed by blueprint designing that states all the required methods. Then, our development process begins by creating a detailed conversation script. Developers then collaborate with the text editors to detect syntax errors in the conversation modules. With the help of rapid authoring tools, graphic designers and the latest software, we integratethe simulations into digital formats. Finally, the quality analyst team reviews the modules before delivery.

To sum up, we understand, design, create, detect, integrate, review and then deliver. Acadecraft's multi-step approach ensures quality over quantity.

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