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Affordable and Error-Free Custom eLearning Solutions for Every Business Need

Acadecraft is a leading eLearning services provider delivering customised eLearning courses and assessments to fulfil the specific requirements of businesses in Australia.
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Key Issues

As many businesses now operate online, there is a lack of physical training for their workforce. So, the companies require suitable training sessions and courses for their workforce in the online mode. But, the available online courses may not meet the specific requirements of the clients. So, the businesses require customised eLearning courses and assessments for efficient training. However, many eLearning services providers fail to fully customise the eLearning materials and deliver almost similar eLearning solutions to different clients.

Also, the eLearning service providers fail to understand the functionality and purpose of their client businesses. As a result, they fail to identify their key priorities and miss crucial points in their eLearning materials. The service providers need to address the most vital concerns of their clients and need to design their solutions accordingly.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft delivers fresh and fully customised elearning solutions as per the specific requirements of the clients. We understand the needs, motives, and objectives of our clients and design our products accordingly. Hence, our eLearning solutions include the necessary information that is essential for businesses.

Our custom eLearning solutions are designed by certified Subject Matter Experts and leading Industry Experts. We thoroughly check the products before delivery to ensure that they are error-free. Our services are incredibly affordable and are delivered within short deadlines.

We deliver all types of eLearning solutions, including eLearning courses, online assessments, and live online training sessions. Our services are scheduled as per our client’s timelines. We offer full-time support and long-term commitments to our clients.

Types of Custom eLearning Solutions

The different types of custom eLearning solutions offered by Acadecraft are discussed below.

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Customised Courses

Acadecraft designs special full-length training and learning courses for our clients. The courses include the chapters requested by our clients. They can be self-paced or instructor-paced, as per the requirements of the companies. We also design end-course assessments and quizzes along with the courses. Our clients can modify or upgrade the course content at any time.

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Live Online Training Sessions

These are live instructor-led training sessions delivered in the online mode. The instructors are leading industry experts. They explain all the necessary topics in clearly understandable language. Our online services are fully accessible and follow the WCAG 2.0 guidelines. We deliver multiple training sessions as per our client’s schedule.

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Customised Assessments

Businesses often require customised assessments and quizzes to test their workforce for various purposes. Acadecraft delivers different types of assessments online as well as in print-ready forms to the clients. Our clients can use our online assessment software to conduct various quizzes and examinations. Specialist assessment experts develop the question papers.

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Game-Based Learning Resources

Acadecraft has experienced gamification experts who deliver customised game-based learning resources to businesses. Our clients can use our services to train their workforce competitively and interestingly. The games can also be used to evaluate the skills and compare the performances. Our clients can customise and modify the style and theme of the games.

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Customised Simulation Softwares

Simulation software is very effective for technical training. Acadecraft has experienced software engineers who design effective simulation software for every requirement of the clients. The clients can suggest the layout, functions, and content of the software. We design new software for individual clients and deliver them within timelines.

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Animated Instruction Videos

Our experienced animators develop customised instruction videos, explainer videos, and animated training videos for our clients. We deliver both whiteboard animations and 2D/3D animated videos to businesses. Our videos are glitch-free and accurate. Our clients can request edits, if required, even after delivery.

Our Clients

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Corporate Companies

Acadecraft delivers appropriate online training solutions and eLearning materials to corporate companies. We design complete courses as well as special assessments. The companies can use our services to increase the productivity of their workforce.

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eLearning Services

Acadecraft has experienced Subject Matter Experts who design customised eLearning solutions for the eLearning Service Providers. We offer different types of services, including learning videos, online lectures, and assessments.

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Marketing Companies

Our industry experts design appropriate online training manuals for marketing companies. In addition, we also develop customised animated sales brochures, explainer videos, and online instruction manuals at an affordable price.

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Acadecraft delivers customised online instructor-led training sessions to various industries. We also design instruction videos and internal assessment papers. Our industry experts also design customised domain-based courses for our clients.

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How it works?

Acadecraft first connects with the clients to understand their exact requirements. Once we understand the project, our subject matter experts design the preliminary content and ask for the approval of our clients. Once we receive the approval, the SMEs start developing the eLearning solutions. We also incorporate the suggestions and modifications requested by our clients. Once the products are complete, our quality analysts check the quality of the products. We deliver them to our clients only when we are satisfied with the quality. After delivery, our clients can request further modifications, if necessary.

Hence, we connect, discuss, understand, design, review, develop, test, and deliver the best-suited custom eLearning solutions to our clients in Australia.

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