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Flexible Adaptive Learning Solutions to Ensure Effective Understanding

Acadecraft is a leading learning solution provider in Australia, delivering custom-designed Adaptive Learning solutions to fulfil all the business requirements.
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Key Issues

As the trend for online learning keeps increasing, companies need to ensure that the online courses successfully cater to the specific needs of individual learners. That is why businesses search for professional adaptive learning solution developers who can efficiently identify the learning behaviours of their consumers and develop suitable adaptive learning solutions.

However, many service providers lack adequate research teams and systems. So, they fail to collect sufficient research data on the learning trend of the consumers. As a result, they develop insufficient adaptive learning solutions. Also, the service providers follow the fixed algorithms for developing adaptive learning tools, but they fail to modify the algorithms to incorporate the client’s requirements. Hence, they cannot fulfil the needs of the companies.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft delivers effective adaptive learning solutions at an affordable price. We have experienced data scientists who collect consumer data from our clients and research their learning behaviour to identify key trends. Our software developers utilise the research result to design tailor-made adaptive learning solutions for our clients.

Acadecraft delivers both expert-based and algorithm-based adaptive learning solutions. Our clients can suggest the learning stages to be followed in expert-based adaptive learning. In addition, we have experienced subject matter experts who can design the layout of the learning solutions. Also, we use the Bayesian Knowledge Tracing algorithm and Item Response Theory algorithm in order to design our products. However, we also write new algorithms to satisfy client’s requirements.

We deliver the learning solutions strictly within deadlines. After delivery, our clients can request modifications or upgrades, if necessary. We offer free maintenance services and full-time support to our clients.

Types of Adaptive Learning Services

We deliver both content-based and assessment-based adaptive learning services to our clients. Some of our services are discussed below.

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Adaptive Course Content Services

The eLearning contents of the courses are designed so that a topic is displayed to the consumers only when they are ready to understand it. Usually, experienced subject matter experts design the adaptive course content services after researching the course content and the consumer behaviours.

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Adaptive Sequence Designing Services

Acadecraft delivers both topic-wise and course-wise adaptive learning sequences after adequate data research. Our clients can use our services to recommend required courses and topics relevant to the current course or topics. It will help them to enhance both business profits and consumer experience.

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Adaptive Assessment Services

Our experts design multiple adaptive assessments that will help our clients analyse their learners’ understanding at crucial course points. The clients can also use these assessments ro decide whether a learner is eligible for their next service or require further revision of the current topics.

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Adaptive Open Resources

Acadecraft designs advanced adaptive learning algorithms that help our clients push some open learning resources to a specific section of their consumer base. It helps our clients customise and manage the study material distribution for their learners, ensuring better business and enhanced profits.

Our Clients

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eLearning Industries

The eLearning clients use our adaptive learning services for online courses, video lectures, study materials, assessments, quizzes, and many other products. We offer full-time services to our clients.

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IT Sector Companies

The IT sector companies often require adaptive learning solutions for both business purposes and internal training. Acadecraft delivers custom-designed adaptive learning services to meet all their needs.

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Educational Organisations

Educational organisations often provide online education nowadays. Acadecraft’s efficient adaptive learning services help the clients to track the learning behaviours and enhance learning experiences.

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How It Works?

Acadecraft first connects with the clients to understand their requirements. We also collect the necessary data which is required for research. After collecting the data, our researchers identify the learning behaviours of the consumers and deliver the results to our learning solution developers. Then, our adaptive learning experts design the most suitable adaptive learning solutions and deliver them to our quality analysts. Our quality analysts then test the learning algorithms. If we are satisfied with the products, we deliver them to our clients. We remain in touch with our clients even after delivery. After testing the algorithms, if our clients require any modifications, we provide instant support.

Hence, we discuss, collect the data, research, design, test, and deliver!

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