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Acadecraft is a leading educational services provider offering comprehensive practice papers for all K12 levels in Australia.
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Key Issues

The schools and educational organisations regularly require quality practice papers for their learners. But, the pre-developed practice papers may contain many irrelevant questions which do not align with the client’s requirements. So, the clients require professional practice paper developing companies to develop customised practice papers based on their needs. However, the service providers often lack experienced practice paper developers. Their Subject Matter Experts are often inexperienced and add many unnecessary questions. It makes the practice papers irrelevant.

In addition, the service providers sometimes have insufficient quality analysts. So, the practice papers contain errors and grammar mistakes. It results in unnecessary confusion for the clients. The service providers must ensure error-free and timely services to the clients.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft delivers appropriate, customised, and error-free practice papers to clients in Australia. We have a specialist team of qualified subject matter experts who have sufficient experience in developing practice papers for the K12 levels in Australia. We strictly follow the curriculum suggested by our clients. Our experts curate unique questions which align with the client’s needs. Thus, our practice papers do not contain any irrelevant questions.

We develop practice papers for all the K12 levels. We deliver exam-based practice papers, chapter-wise practice papers, and revision practice papers to our clients. Also, our experienced quality analysts check the practice papers to ensure that they are error-free, understandable and based on the prescribed curriculum. Our services are incredibly affordable. We offer instant editing and modification to our clients if any changes are required. Ancadecraft ensures timely delivery and 24x7 client support.

Types of Practice Papers Curated by Acadecraft

We develop different practice papers to satisfy the clients’ varied requirements, discussed below.

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Objective Practice Papers

The objective practice papers contain the objective questions only. They usually include MCQs, Assertion-Reasons, passage-based reasoning questions, and other types of objective questions. We develop chapter-based as well as entire syllabus based accurate practice papers based on the client’s requirements.

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Subjective Practice Papers

Subjective practice papers include long-answer and short-answer type questions. We customise the layout of the questions based on our client’s requirements. We deliver chapter-wise and full-length practice papers. Our experts strictly follow the curriculum and deliver error-free practice papers.

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Computational Practice Papers

Acadecraft develops interactive computational practice papers for the eLearning industry. We add multiple tools to these practice papers, including calculators, digital keyboards, and many other features. They are perfectly suitable for mathematical and scientific practice papers for the eLearning industry.

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Exam-Based Practice Papers

Acadecraft develops exam-based practice papers for summative assessments, interim exams, and formative assessments. We include the chapters suggested by our clients. Our experts also add the most trending questions on the given topic. We follow similar question patterns as required by our clients for the actual exam.

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Chapter-Wise Practice Papers

The chapter-wise practice papers contain all the relevant questions that can be framed from the given chapters. The practice papers have all types of questions, both objective and subjective. Our clients can customise the number of questions added in the practice papers and the difficulty level of the questions.

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Revision Practice Papers

The revision practice papers usually include questions from the entire syllabus. However, our clients can also request chapter-wise revision papers. These practice papers have multiple activity-based questions and thinking-based questions. Our clients can use them to evaluate their learner’s understanding of the topic.

Our Clients

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Educational Organisations

Acadecraft delivers customised practice papers regularly to educational organisations. In addition, we also provide lesson plans, assessment papers, customised textbooks, question banks, and many other services to our clients.

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E-Learning Industry

The eLearning industry often requires interactive practice papers, assessments, and quizzes on various topics. Acadecraft delivers accurate AI-based products at an affordable price to meet all the client’s requirements.

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Tuition Centres

Acadecraft offers customised study modules, worksheets, practice papers, question banks, and solution banks. We strictly follow the curriculum. Our SMEs develop the products after thorough research.

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How it work?

We first connect with our clients to understand their requirements. Then, our experts study the instructions and conduct relevant research. After completing the analysis, our experts start developing the project. Once the practice papers are ready, our quality analysts check the accuracy of the practice papers. If we are satisfied with the quality of the products, we deliver the products to our clients. We offer full-time support after delivery.

Hence, we connect, understand, research, develop, check, and deliver the most appropriate practice papers to the clients.

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