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Acadecraft is a leading EduTech company in Australia, offering affordable and integrated learning management systems.
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Key Issues

With the increasing trend of remote education, it has become very important for educational institutions and eLearning companies to have efficient learning management systems. Many educational organisations even prefer to use an LMS to manage their traditional on-site learning services. So, the clients search for a fast and efficient LMS that will suit their objectives. However, many learning management systems are not flexible enough, so the service providers cannot customise them fully. Also, the service providing companies often fail to add necessary additional features without affecting the overall performance.

Moreover, the LMS developing companies may not offer installation and maintenance services. Then, the clients need to develop their own IT team for installing, integrating, and maintaining the LMS. It often proves to be expensive for the clients. In addition, the LMS providers often hide the costs for additional features during the initial talks and later on-demand for the additional amount. It is often inconvenient for the clients as it disturbs their financial planning.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft has experienced software engineers who develop learning management systems after deep research. Our LMS is fast, glitch-free, efficient, and affordable. Since our software developers design fresh LMS for individual clients, our learning management systems are tailor-made to satisfy clients’ requirements. Our clients can manage multiple operations like study material distribution, fees collection and receipt distribution, attendance recording and analysis, assignment distribution and collection, conducting internal and terminal exams, and many more!

The LMS can efficiently integrate the functions of all the departments over a single platform, which reduces the labour efforts of our client’s workforce. Also, it offers a common platform where the faculties, learners, and management staff can freely interact with each other. Acadecraft does not have any hidden costs for additional features. We give a detailed catalogue with all the features, services, and related costs to our clients. Hence, our clients can plan their finances and request features and services accordingly.

In addition, our technical experts offer free installation and integration services to our clients. After installation, our experts also provide weekly, monthly, and quarterly maintenance services for our clients. Hence, our clients may not require to maintain a full-time IT department for maintaining the LMS. We offer 24x7 client support to our clients.

Features & Benefits of our LMS for K12

Acadecraft offers multiple features with extensive benefits for our clients. Some of the features and benefits of our learning management systems are discussed below.

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Integrated LMS

Our LMS efficiently integrates the functions of different departments to curate a common platform that can perform all the tasks in one place. Our clients can integrate accounts, library, classes and attendance, examination, and many other aspects into our learning management systems.

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Data Tracking and Analysis

Our clients can collect various data like attendance records, fees payment records, and many more with the help of our LMS. Moreover, our clients can analyse the data and derive key statistical results using the various data analysis tools added to our learning management systems.

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Performance Tracking and Analysis

The clients can use the LMS to give daily tasks to their learners and their workforce. They can track and record their daily performance efficiently using the LMS. They can also compare their performance, create statistical reports and track the improvement in their work time-to-time.

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Automated Alerts and Notifications

Acadecraft’s LMS has an efficient automated notification feature. Whenever management or faculty members add any study material, assignment, or other important communication into the group, all members will receive automated alerts in their systems and email notifications in their registered email.

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Centralised Study Materials

The LMS is used to centralise the study material distribution. The faculties can upload the study materials and assignment pages at a single portal which all the learners can access. Our clients can even design limited-access and full-access digital libraries within the LMS to ease the book distribution process.

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Multiple Assignment Support

Our LMS supports multiple styles and formats of assessments. The clients can distribute and collect the assignments in pdfs, word files, zip files, and written texts. In addition, our clients can also conduct formative, interim, and summative examinations through the exam gateway in the LMS.

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Auto-Scheduling Tools

The clients can auto-schedule the assessments, projects, and examinations using the LMS. They can feed the specific chapters which should be covered in the assessments. Once the faculties deliver the portion, the LMS will auto-schedule the assessments after a specific time frame of lesson completion.

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Flexible Features

We can easily modify the features of our LMS to suit our client’s requirements. We even add various additional features to the client’s request. After delivery and installation, we offer regular updates and add new features if required. Our clients can request modifications to the previous layout if necessary.

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Acadecraft’s learning management system can efficiently run on a mobile device. Our web portal is perfectly compatible with mobile browsers. In addition, we have even developed an efficient mobile application that is very easy to use. Our clients can gain remote access using the mobile app.

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Fast and Glitch-Free

Our learning management systems are fast and glitch-free. Also, the LMS can efficiently work even with a slower data connection. The software is light and consumes less memory in the system. The clients can even store the documents in the cloud, which helps to reduce memory requirements.

Our Clients

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Educational Organisations

Acadecraft delivers efficient LMS for schools and K12 institutions in Australia. Our clients can use our LMS for both traditional and remote learning. In addition to LMS, we also deliver study materials and other services.

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Tuition Centres

The tuition centres often use our learning management system to distribute study manuals, conduct remote tests, and regularly track and compare learners’ performance. Our services are affordable with a higher ROI.

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E-Learning Industry

The elearning clients can use our LMS to manage all the course-related aspects efficiently. They can distribute study materials, conduct quizzes, check answer sheets, and collect fees for the courses.

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How it work?

Acadecraft first connects with the clients to understand their requirements. We discuss the features they require and their costs. After this, we calculate the cumulative cost of the product and finalise the deal with our clients. After finalising the deal, we assign the project to one of our LMS development teams. The software engineers study the client’s needs and develop the product accordingly. Then, our quality analysts test the software. If we are satisfied with the quality, our technical experts connect with the clients to schedule installation. Our experts install the software and conduct seminars to train the client’s workforce. We also deliver regular maintenance services.

Hence, we discuss, design, develop, test, install, train, and maintain the LMS software for K12 education in Australia.

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