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Acadecraft is a leading edutech service provider developing interactive infographics, interactive assessment materials, and media-rich study materials to hook the attention of the client’s learners.
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Key Issues

Companies and educational institutions often use interactive and media-rich companies to gain uninterrupted attention. That is why it is very important to make the content interesting, engaging, and appropriate. Moreover, the contents must be customised to meet the client’s specific requirements. So, the clients search for professional content development companies with sufficient experience in developing custom-curated interactive and media-rich content.

However, the service providing companies often lack certified graphic designers and animators with experience in educational content creation. Also, there is often a lack of coordination between the interactive content developers and subject matter experts. So, it often leads to errors. That is why the service providers fail to fulfil client’s requirements.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft has certified graphic designers and animators who are well-trained to design interactive and media-rich content for K12 education in Australia. Moreover, they work in close collaboration with our subject matter experts. So, our interactive content includes only relevant and engaging content. Also, we customise our services based on our client’s objectives. Our clients can even request multiple modifications and edits if they feel necessary.

Acadecraft delivers all types of media-rich content development services. We develop interactive study materials, quizzes, assessments, interactive learning activities, and many other services. In addition, our quality analysts repeatedly check the accuracy of the products. Hence, they are completely error-free. Our services are incredibly affordable and delivered strictly within deadlines. Also, we offer 24x7 services to our clients post-delivery.

Types of Interactive & Media-Rich Content Services

Acadecraft guarantees higher engagement rates for all the interactive and media-rich content. That is why we deliver various types of services based on client’s requirements.

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Interactive Infographics

The clients often use interactive infographics to seek attention to important statistical information, flow charts, mind-maps, and short diagrammatic representations. They are often concise, memorable, and engaging. They also assist the clients in achieving higher SEO rankings.

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Interactive Flashcards

The interactive flashcards give a brief overview of topics in an engaging manner. Our clients can customise the layout and content of the flashcards to meet the specific objectives of their learners. Only certified SMEs design the basic layout of the content. The products are developed accordingly.

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Interactive Assessments

Acadecraft develops all types of interactive assessments, including quizzes, worksheets, MCQ tests, collaborative learning activities, and many more. We develop chapter-wise, topic-wise, and section-wise interactive assessments based on the client’s requirements. We also develop AI-based interactive assessments.

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Interactive eBooks

The clients use interactive ebooks to generate an immersive feeling for their consumers. The interactive ebooks may contain animated storylines, interactive texts, in-text quizzes, and more interactive elements. The clients use our services to develop interactive storybooks, textbooks, study materials, etc.

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Interactive Explainers

Our clients can use interactive explainer videos to cover individual topics comprehensively. Acadecraft develops 2D animated explainers, 3D animated explainers, PPT based explainers, whiteboard explainers, and many other types of interactive explainer videos. Their content is precise and error-free.

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Interactive Surveys

The interactive surveys include multiple engaging call-to-action elements. The clients often use interactive surveys to collect useful data, feedback, and business information that can help them enhance their brand presence. The survey reports can be auto-generated by the clients, including key statistics.

Our Clients

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Educational Organisations

Acadecraft delivers interactive media-rich content for online education to our clients. Our services are affordable and error-free. We deliver the services regularly and offer full-time support to the clients.

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ELearning Industry

Acadecraft delivers interactive study materials, assessment papers, quiz windows and many other services to the eLearning industry. Our contents are fully accessible and follow the WCAG 2.0 guidelines.

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IT Sector Companies

The IT sector companies often require interactive infographics, animated videos, and many other media-rich contents for social media, emails, and other usages. Acadecraft delivers multiple services for their every need.

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How it work?

Acadecraft first connects with the clients to discuss the projects in detail. Once we fully understand their requirements, we assign the project to one of the specialist teams, including graphic designers, animators, subject matter experts, and quality analysts. The subject matter experts design the preliminary layout of the content and deliver the designs to our graphic designers and animators. Then, our designers develop the product accordingly. Afterwards, our quality analysts check the overall quality of the product, including its accuracy and graphic and animation quality. If we are satisfied with the quality, we deliver the products to our clients. We deliver instant modifications to our clients, if necessary.

Hence, we discuss, understand, design, develop, check, and deliver!

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