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Restructuring Content to Enhance Client’s Benefits

Acadecraft has experienced content editors and subject matter experts who modify the existing content to align them with the client’s objectives.
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Key Issues

Appropriate content is a very important aspect of any form of educational and business communications. But, the pre-developed contents often require unnecessary and irrelevant phrases which may not align with the client’s objectives. So, the organisations often search for professional content transformation services providing companies that can deliver error-free modifications quickly.

However, the service providing companies often lack collaboration between subject experts and language experts. As a result, they fail to transform the technical and subject-based contents accurately. Also, the service providers often do not have adequate resources to handle large projects. That is why they fail to deliver regular services to clients.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft has professional content writers, content editors, quality analysts, and subject matter experts who work in the same team with collaborated effort. Our team ensures that the content has the most appropriate layout, structure, and language, along with perfectly accurate facts and information. We rewrite, edit, restructure and proofread the content to make it custom-fit for our clients.

Acadecraft works on all types of content, including educational, business, technical, and many more. We rethink and reorganise the content to make them target-specific and comprehensive. In addition, our quality analysts thoroughly check the content before delivery to ensure that it is error-free. Moreover, we convert pdfs and word files into digital assets like HTML, XML, ePUB and Kindle content.

Acadecraft covers more than 45 K12 subjects and all the major languages. We have sufficient resources to handle large projects. We deliver regular and timely services to our clients. Our services are incredibly affordable and have a higher ROI value. We offer full-time services with 24x7 client support. /p>

Types of Content Transformation Services

Acadecraft enhances the usability of the content by performing various types of content transformation services, some of which are discussed below.

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Content Acquisition

Acadecraft has senior technical experts, subject experts, and language experts who manually perform content acquisition processes. We collect, validate, convert, and normalise the contents based on the client’s requirements. In addition, we also perform metadata mining, image processing and management. We also offer copyright and IP address management and verification services to our clients.

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Content Enrichment

Our experts rewrite and restructure the content to enhance its overall usability. For the online content, we add multiple necessary elements to enhance the SEO ranking of the content. It includes cross-linking, keyword research and enrichment. In addition, we analyse and enhance the vocabulary and tone of the content. We customise the content for the clients by adding the necessary topics and removing the unnecessary ones.

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Content Conversion

Acadecraft has professional software engineers, web developers, and technical experts who effortlessly convert the contents into valuable digital assets. We deliver HTML conversion, XML conversion, ePUB and Kindle conversion services to our clients. We support pdf files, word documents, google docs, and other documents types. Our experts manually convert both online and offline documents. Our services are error-free.

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Editorial Services

Acadecraft delivers multiple editorial services, including editing, proofreading, image processing, alt-text development, and others. We customise the content style, layout, presentation, composition, and typesetting, to align the finished product with the client’s objectives. In addition, our editors check plagiarism, copyright infringement, and many other issues to deliver the most appropriate content to our clients.

Our Clients

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E-Learning Industry

Acadecraft offers multiple content transformation, review, and editing services for online content. In addition, we also covert the content from one format to another. We also develop fresh interactive content for the eLearning industry.

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Publishing Houses

Acadecraft delivers editing, proofreading, typesetting, and many other pre-press services to publishing houses. In addition, we offer HTML, XML, ePUB, Kindle conversion services to convert their published materials into digital assets.

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Educational Organisations

Our subject matter experts enhance, enrich, and customise the textbooks, study materials, and practice papers for educational organisations. In addition, we also develop customised books and study materials based on client’s needs.

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How it work?

Our experts first connect with our clients to understand their complete requirements. Then we collect all the necessary data and do adequate research. Once we receive all the information and instructions, our editors and proofreaders first go through the content, remove the unnecessary sections, and correct all the errors. Then, our experts add the missing portions and enhance the quality of the content. Then, our technical team perform content conversion and SEO enhancement processes. Once the final product is ready, our quality analysts review the content and analyse its quality. If we are satisfied with the quality, we deliver the product to our clients. Our clients can request further modifications, if necessary.

Hence, we connect, understand, edit, proofread, enhance, convert, add SEO elements, check, and deliver!

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