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Key Issues

The educational content developers regularly need content review and validation to develop efficient and accurate content. But, only experienced service providers can offer accurate content review and content validation services. So, the clients search for professional service providing companies. However, the service providing companies often lack senior experts with adequate subject knowledge. So, they fail to identify the issues in the content. Also, they do not conduct sufficient research.

In addition, the service providing companies fail to design efficient content validation forms. They include inexperienced experts in their review and validation panel. Also, they have very few experts in the validation panel, hence resulting in a less-efficient CVI score. As a result, they fail to deliver appropriate services. Most importantly, the companies often have limited resources, so they fail to handle large projects. So, the clients do not receive regular services within deadlines.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft is a leading content development and editorial service provider in Australia. We are specialists in academic content review and validation. Our expert panel includes highly qualified and experienced subject matter experts, review and validation experts with specialisation in all the major K12 subjects in Australia. Moreover, we deliver our services in more than 30 global languages. We review and validate both online and offline content.

Most importantly, our experts are professionally trained and experienced in content validation. They design the most effective content validation forms with highly relevant points and questions. Also, we select a review panel for individual projects after properly studying the client’s requirements. So, we pick specialist subject matter experts who can effectively deal with the client’s content. Each of our expert panels includes 10 to 20 certified experts, sometimes even more. We also have experienced researchers to help our SMEs. The researchers conduct thorough research on the topic. Our experts use the research data to identify irregularities and anomalies in the content.

Our services are incredibly affordable and accurate. We ensure timely delivery to the clients. Moreover, we have sufficient resources and experts. So, we handle large projects effortlessly. We cover primary, secondary, and senior secondary level educational content for our content review and validation services. Our experts provide full-time support with 24x7 client support.

Types of Content Review and Validation Services

Acadecraft reviews both published and unpublished content in online as well as offline modes. Some of our content review and content validation services are described below.

Substantive Editing Copye diting Services
SME Review

Our clients use the SME review to decide whether the content is suitable to be published or not. In this, our senior subject matter experts thoroughly check every fact and information included in the content. They verify the accuracy and relevance of the content. We also check the language, grammar, spellings, tone, and other aspects. After review, our experts develop a detailed report with scores in individual sections. Accordingly, our clients can publish, rework, or reject the content.

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Periodic Review

The clients usually review and update every published content after a particular time. Acadecraft offers monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly periodic review services to our clients. Our experts thoroughly read the content, identify the anomalies, and suggest the changes required in this process. In addition, they also suggest additional sections in the content, if that is necessary to align with the curriculum. Our curriculum researchers help our SMEs in this process.

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Progressive Review

As the curriculum keeps updating, the educational contents also need to be updated simultaneously. Our experienced curriculum researchers keep tracking the latest updates in the K12 curriculum in Australia. So, our SMEs and curriculum researchers go through the content and identify the irrelevant and missing portions. Accordingly, we request our clients remove the unnecessary contents and suggest additional sections for the missing topics. In addition, we also check content accuracy.

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Validation Form Development

Our validation experts do proper research to develop the most relevant validation forms. The forms include lucid questions to ensure that the validators clearly understand the project and the client’s expectations. We repeatedly discuss the details with our clients during this process. Our experts integrate the forms with our client’s portal or deliver the validation forms in online surveys, printable pdfs and word files. We develop validation forms for all subjects.

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CVI Score Calculation

Acadecraft calculates accurate content validity scores for the educational content. We have a large panel of experts who check each intel in the content for this process. We calculate both I-CVI and S-CVI scores for the content. The I-CVI score is usually calculated using the formula: (agreed item) / (number of experts). The number of experts in each panel varies between 10 to 20. However, some panels may have a higher number of experts. We calculate the scores for pre-validated content also.

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Content Validation

Acadecraft’s content validation experts conduct the complete content validation process for the client’s products. We develop validation forms, pick specialist experts in the panel, review and score the items, and finally, calculate the CVI score of the content. We validate all types of educational content, research papers, experiment reports, and more. Our services are reliable, accurate, and affordable. Moreover, our clients can view the credentials of our experts and monitor the entire process.

Our Clients

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Publishing Houses

Acadecraft offers content review, validation, enrichment, and enhancement services to publishing houses. In addition, we also offer image restoration, copy editing, proofreading, abstracting, indexing, and multiple other services to the clients.

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Educational Organisations

The educational organisations need to check the validity and originality of study materials, assessment papers, project reports, etc. Acadecraft reviews and validates all types of content for the clients. In addition, we also develop quality study materials for them.

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E-Learning Industry

Acadecraft delivers customised study materials, assessment papers, online quizzes, interactive and media-rich content, animated videos, animated ppts, and many other services to clients. Our services are affordable, error-free, and include 24x7 support.

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How it work?

Acadecraft first connects with the clients to discuss the project in detail. Then, we develop a panel of experts and assign the project to the panel. Our subject matter experts first review the content, identify the anomalies, remove the irrelevant contents, and rectify the errors. Then, our experts develop the validation forms. Once the forms are ready, the validation experts start the content validation process. After completing validation, we calculate the content validity index score.

Afterwards, our experts generate a detailed report of the entire review and validation process. It includes everything, from modification and enhancement suggestions to the overall CVI scores. We deliver the report to our clients within strict deadlines. We offer long-term commitment, full-time service, and 24x7 client support.

Hence, we discuss, understand, review, validate, calculate the CVI score, generate and deliver the detailed report to our clients.

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