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Acadecraft is a leading edutech services provider offering quality animated videos to client organisations. Our experienced animators curate glitch-free videos.
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Key Issues

With the increasing trend of online education, the demand for 2D and 3D animated videos is also increasing. The schools and eLearning companies often use animated videos to make the lessons exciting and engaging. But, educational videos must be created by experienced animators in collaboration with senior subject matter experts. That is why the institutions often search for professional animated video developing companies who are specialists in developing educational videos.

However, many animation companies lack subject matter experts for many subjects. In addition, their SMEs do not coordinate enough with the animation teams. It results in inaccurate videos. Also, the service providers often miss deadlines due to technical issues. So, they fail to provide regular services to the clients. Moreover, the clients often require post-delivery edits, but many companies usually offer delayed or even no editing services post-delivery.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft is a specialist in developing educational videos for the K12 level in Australia. We have experienced Subject Matter Experts in more than 45 K12 subjects. The SMEs work in the same team as certified animators. They collaborate together to develop the most effective and appropriate animated videos. Our animators have specialisation in both 2D and 3D animation. We ensure that the videos contain only authentic and appropriate content. We strictly avoid any copyrighted or repetitive elements in the videos. Moreover, Experienced quality analysts repeatedly check all our videos. Hence, they do not contain any glitches or black screens.

Acadecraft delivers Short Animated Videos, Explainer Videos, Whiteboard animation videos, Motion Graphics, and many other types of animated videos for the K12 institutions in Australia. We deliver the projects strictly within deadlines. In addition, our clients can request modifications even after delivery. The schools can customise the content of the videos based on their requirements. We develop topic-wise, chapter-wise, or subject-wise 2D/3D animated videos for our clients. We offer full-time and long-term services for our clients.

Types of 2D/3D Animated Videos

Acadecraft develops long and short animated videos as required by our clients. We mainly develop the following types of 2D/3D Animated Videos.

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2D Motion Graphics

The 2D motion graphics are used to describe very short topics quickly. Our clients can use the motion graphics as interactive revision cards. They usually include flow charts, graphical representations, and statistical information, along with mind maps.

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2D Animated Character Videos

2D character videos are often used to design chapter-wise interactive educational videos. Our experienced animators coordinate with the subject matter experts to develop 2D characters which can explain the entire chapter effectively.

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Whiteboard Animation Videos

Whiteboard animation is quite common in educational videos and online classes. Our whiteboard animation specialists develop accurate and error-free whiteboard animation videos for all the major K12 subjects from 1st to 12th grade.

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3D Animated Videos

Acadecraft has certified 3D animators who can produce explicit 3D animation videos without any glitches. Furthermore, we develop interactive videos which are highly useful for effective learning. Our clients use these videos to generate a virtual classroom feel.

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Stop Motion Videos

Stop Motion Animation videos are often used to develop digital textbooks and storybooks. Our clients suggest the contents, and we curate the videos accordingly. Our subject matter experts work in collaboration with our animators to ensure the best stop motion animation videos.

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Explainer Videos

The explainer videos contain a crisp explanation of the short topics. Acadecraft develops single and multiple explainer videos that can be arranged in definite orders by our clients. We do the curriculum breakup for these clients as per the client’s instructions.

Our Clients

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Educational Organisations

Acadecraft offers customised animated videos, whiteboard videos, motion graphics, which strictly align with the K12 curriculum in Australia. We deliver quality services regularly with full-time support to our clients.

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E-Learning Industry

Acadecraft delivers subject-wise videos, storyboards, whiteboard animations, and multiple other services to the eLearning industry. Along with that, we also develop interactive quizzes and assessment software.

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Media Companies

Acadecraft offers affordable 2D and 3D videos to media companies. The media houses can customise the scripts as per their needs. Our services are reliable, authentic, and business friendly.

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How it work?

We connect with our clients to understand their needs, motives, and vision. Then, our subject matter experts first design the primary content for the videos. We then allow our clients to review our content and suggest any modifications, which we happily incorporate into our work. After finalising the layout, our animators develop the videos and deliver the products to our quality analysts. Our quality analysts analyse the quality of the video, and the accuracy of the information delivered. Once we are satisfied with the quality, we deliver the products to our clients. The clients can request us for further modifications even after delivery.

Hence, we connect, collaborate, write, review, develop, test, and deliver engaging 2D and 3D videos for effective learning.

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