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Key Issues

There is a constant and rising demand for textbooks in the education industry as per the standard of the learners. The education industry sometimes fails to find suitable textbooks that will have all the necessary topics included in them. Often the contents that are included in the books available in the market are too short or too detailed, and this seems not appropriate for the learners. So, this is the reason why these educational organizations look for customized textbook developers for delivering tailor-made textbooks on the basis of their requirements.

In fact, there are a lot of textbook development companies that lack experienced analysts and subject matter experts. Thus, while creating textbooks, they hugely depend upon the pre-developed contents of the clients. As a result, they do not succeed in delivering fresh content based on the research ideas that the clients require. However, there are some companies that take a long time to provide textbooks. Most of the time what they do to reduce the time lag is by skipping the copyediting step. Thus, due to this, the books contain errors that reduce their effectiveness and indirectly affect the learners. Moreover, after publishing the textbooks, the organization does not request for any modifications. All these factors do not fulfill the requirements of the clients fully and thus led to the rise in the demand for professional textbook development services.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Our Acadecraft team comprises various subject matter experts, subject leads, lesson planners, and instructional designers who ensure that the textbooks that we will develop will have quality lessons. We also have researchers who make adequate research while developing study materials for the textbook as per the level of the learners and the organizational needs. All the textbooks that we deliver are tailor-made and it perfectly satisfies the requirements of the clients. Apart from this, we also have copy editors who thoroughly checks and verifies the textbooks before sending to the clients to ensure that it is error-free.

What makes our textbooks class-apart from others is that we always try to make them more engaging, attractive to the clients. For that, we add suitable images and graphics to it and along with that, we write appropriate alt-texts for it. In fact, for researching some interesting photos that are relevant to the topic, we have specialist alt-text writers. They also use the information for writing useful alt-texts. Before final publication, we ensure to send the soft copies to the clients for their reviews on it. Moreover, our pool of experts works 24*7 to deliver the required textbooks to the clients strictly within the stipulated deadlines. Also, we are always open to the necessary modifications, if required by our clients.

Types of Textbook Development Services

Acadecraft delivers both e-books and textbooks for our clients. Some of the exclusive services delivered by us are:

Substantive Editing Copy Editing Services
Interior Page Designing Services

We have professional interior page designers at Acadecraft who can deliver you with that can viably upgrade the embodiment of the contents. Also, we provide separate layouts for the different pages that will perfectly coordinate with the context of the current topic.

Content Editing Copyediting
Topic-Wise Study Materials

Acadecraft conveys short study modules based on different topics which include a solitary section, a group of topics as provided by the clients. Our subject matter experts lead intensive research and incorporate numerous insights and topics that will make the content more justifiable and captivating. Also, we offer on-time delivery and full-on support for modification.

Proofreading Copyediting services
Subject-Wise Textbook Development

At Acadecraft, we have certified subject specialists that cover more than 45 subjects from all over the world. Our SMEs are well acquainted with the educational program of the school and create precisely some error-free textbooks for each and every subject. Additionally, we also offer yearly updates and amendments to the books dependent on the customer's prerequisites.

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Textbook Updating Services

The textbook requires customary updates to coordinate with the most recent changes in the educational plan. Our team consists of curriculum researchers and subject matter experts that can well distinguish the inconsistencies in the books and recommend suitable modifications to them. We convey the updating services of the textbook to our clients within their stipulated time.

Semantic Analysis Higher Education Copy editing Services
Alt-Text Services

Acadecraft is one of the best Alt-Text designer service providers that provide assistance to driving distributors around the world. We foster alt-texts for almost all subjects. We don’t use any tools and software to design the alt-texts, all are designed by professionals. Also, before final delivery, all al-texts are proofread by our quality analysts to guarantee that these are error-free and accurate.

Semantic Analysis Higher Education Copy editing Services
Cover Page Development Services

At Acadecraft, we have expert designers who are prompted to design the cover pages of the course readings that perfectly feature the genuine topic and content of the books. They utilize significant images and vibrant colors as per the sections included in them. We make sure that the cover pages that we design are sufficiently alluring in gaining the interests of the clients as well as their learners.

Our Clients

E learning Copy Editing Services

Publishing Houses

At Acadecraft, we have professionals who deliver quality textbook development services to various publishing houses. It includes services like interior page designing, cover page designing, alt-text development, copyediting services, and so on. All our services are available at affordable rates.

Publishing Copyediting

Colleges and Universities

Acadecraft provides customized and top-notch textbooks to various educational institutes which include assessment papers, study materials, worksheets, and much more. We offer on-time delivery of the textbooks to the clients and ensure that it is worth the quality they are looking for. Also, we offer full-time support to clients.

Business Media Magazines & Journals Copyediting services

E-Learning Industry

Some of the major e-learning platforms collaborate with Acadecraft in order to avail quality online quizzes and study materials from us. In fact, sometimes clients also utilize our services for providing 24*7 supports the learners. Also, we follow WCAG guidelines for gaining accessibility.

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Our Workflow Process

We follow a streamlined process in developing textbooks and the workflow process involves the steps stated hereunder.

First of all, we understand the requirements of the clients as per their education organizational goals, and the level of the learners. Once we are clear about the instructions, then the project is being passed on to the subject matter experts. They conduct the research work thoroughly and then develop the textbooks. After creating a soft copy of the draft, we share it with a team of quality analysts for verifying the quality, the authenticity of the content and making sure that it is error-free. Thereafter, we share it with our clients and ask them to submit their reviews. Once the client agrees to approve the textbook, we proceed with its publishing and printing as and when required. Also, we try our best to deliver the textbook strictly within the deadlines. Apart from this, for the first year, we offer modification, updating, and support services for the development of the textbook absolutely free.

Thus, our process involves researching, developing, reviewing, and publishing the most appropriate textbook solutions for our clients.

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