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Key Issues

In recent years, there has been a sudden explosion seen in higher education, like all other industries. In fact, most of the mainstream learning has shifted online nowadays, which makes it extremely important to select a reputed educational learning management system (LMS) that is tailored as per the goals and missions of your institution. With a massive number of online courses available at present, there are a lot of administrators and educators who are relying upon some LMS for assigning and developing these course contents.

With lots of vendors available, it often becomes difficult to choose which LMS platform to rely upon for getting good outcomes in higher education. Well, though most of the LMSes nowadays are cloud-hosted and highly responsive, one should tactically opt for the one which encompasses both the learning tools platforms and educational content. Also, there should be an innate balance between integration and innovation. However, a well-designed LMS not only fills up the communication gap between teachers and students but also helps in conducting online assessments and creating various sorts of question sets with distinct patterns. Thus, for overcoming these challenges, it becomes important for educators to implement a smart, robust, and efficient learning management system in higher education. This will help in conducting daily classroom activities in the virtual space.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft provides exceptional LMS for higher education which comes with an objective to offer a seamless learning experience to students. While customizing LMSes for different educational institutes, we maintain a student-centric approach and ensure the fact that it supports the educational goals of the institutions. We also try to digitalize the traditional classroom by mixing it with innovative teaching methodologies. What makes this more prominent is that we customize the LMS in a manner that works as an advanced interactivity building tool for managing the classroom activities of the higher education institutes.

Our ultimate aim is to provide our clients with the best LMS that will contain relevant and quality content related to education and which will indirectly help in educating the students virtually. All our developed LMSes are powered with online assessment features, e-content provisions, collaborative workspaces, and personalized communication channels. Thus, our LMS fulfills its core purpose of delivering the best quality education to the higher class students and also facilitates smooth communication between students and teachers. For bridging the communication gap effectively, we will integrate the Microsoft Team with the Learning Management System. Thus, our representatives work 24*7 to help their clients in generating a high return on investment through their customized LMS platforms for higher education.

Types of Services Offered

Acadecraft develops high-end Learning management systems that not only cater to the needs of the individuals but also provide an immense possibility for delivering their values to thousands of students worldwide. Our services include the following.

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E-content for Development of Skills

At Acadecraft, we create a wide spectrum of e-contents for different educational or e-learning platforms. This will not only assist the students in mastering the career-oriented skills but also helps in improving the learning horizons of the students. Furthermore, we also provide help to the faculty members in uploading notes, e-books, video lectures, etc, created by us.

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AI-Powered Online Tests and Assessments

Our team of technical experts at Acadecraft uses AI technology for conducting and sharing various online assignments. They also provide assistance for tracking other sorts of exams, like multiple choice questions, interactive online quizzes, and many more. As all these are powered by AI, these are following automated systems.

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Creating Teaching Plans

At Acadecraft, we have a team of lesson planners and curriculum curators who create exceptional teaching plans for the students and integrate them with higher education LMS. This helps in meeting the academic goals and also assists in finishing the syllabus on time. Moreover, we help the faculties in creating teaching plans as per lecture-wise and also sharing the syllabus with the students.

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Communication in Internal Classroom

While designing LMS for our clients, we ensure to include some internal communication channels and discussion forums. This will be in the form of emails, chats, etc. This will help the students in engaging virtually and helping them with the discussion of all doubts related to study. Thus, we ensure the fact that there is no such communication gap between the learners and educators.

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Integration with Microsoft Teams

The LMS that our team of Acadecraft designs for higher education is well integrated with Microsoft Teams. This helps in providing the students with enriched, speedy, and seamless teaching sessions that are completely digitized. It will also assist the learners in achieving greater productivity. So, this exclusive service can also prove beneficial for your students.

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Web and Mobile Based Application

Whatever applications and software that we design for LMS are to be built on an advanced technological framework. Acadecraft team designs customized LMS for e-learning platforms by keeping in mind the convenience of the learners. So, we make sure that all the software works well both on the mobile interfaces and supports any compatible web browser.

Our Clients

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Colleges and Universities

Acadecraft provides top-notch LMS software for different higher educational institutions which assists students in providing education to the students online by utilizing an easy-to-use virtual classroom setup. It also simplifies the learning and teaching rapport and also makes sure that the student possesses better learning outcomes.

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Training Institutes

We provide collaborative LMS software for different training institutes that offer practical skills for higher education. At Acadecraft, we provide the most affordable and efficient platform that meets the needs of all students as well as faculty.

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E-Learning Platforms

Many popular e-learning platforms collaborate with Acadecraft for getting quality LMS software that fulfills the e-learning provisions of the institution. This helps in delivering relevant and quality education to students. Also, it features all the necessary content and skills required for educating the students.

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How it Works?

At Acadecraft, we develop quality LMSes that offer a competitive edge to the students and also provide assistance to them in utilizing the existing knowledge with maximum efficiency.

First of all, we understand the educational needs of the clients and accordingly assign the task of creating learning management systems to our team that matches their requirements. We have a team of illustration designers, content creators, curriculum developers, and lesson planners that come together to develop the learning management system that encompasses all the features required by the clients. In addition, we also integrate it with an existing software ecosystem and also ensure its security by utilizing an authentication system and sign-on feature. Thereafter, we configure in learning management systems various communication and collaboration tools along with social media integration, gamification, etc. Last but not the least, we also provide some tools for certification which allows the counting of the online courses as a part of the course curriculum. Then it is handed over to our team of quality analysts for verifying whether it fulfills the learning outcomes and ensures that it is free from all errors. Next, we deliver the customized LMS to our potential clients.

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