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Key Issues

In this modern-day, with the increasing demand in technology, it has become possible to create an impact that they were designed for through an online medium. In fact, instructional designing has become an integral part of the e-learning industry in comparison to the traditional learning lessons, with the changing trends in e-learning solutions. These designers usually collaborate with subject matter experts for developing and designing instructions by businesses. They also undertake a wide spectrum of tasks and responsibilities in designing e-learning modules as per the industry standards.

Not only the educational industry, but even corporate sectors are also looking for instructional design services for developing their training modules which will help in providing training to the employees. This helps in better understanding of the topic as here the explanation that is provided is of quality and engages the learners. Moreover, it becomes difficult for organizations to opt for professional instructional designs that will make their e-content viral and effective. This is the reason why professional instructional design service providers come into existence. They use highly interactive tools for transferring knowledge and conducting in-house training for the learning solutions.

How can Acadecraft Help?

At Acadecraft, we have a team of instructional designers who possess an in-depth knowledge of different concepts and follow the instructions precisely. We also have gained years of experience in providing these services to our clients by carrying out intrinsic research and making the educational or training-related content visually appealing. We are responsible for creating knowledgeable course curriculums, indexing proper instructions, developing suitable media, and also for ensuring that the designs engage and motivate the students. We always aim to use trendy designs for making contributions in the e-learning process and for reaching larger audiences.

As these instructional designers are well aware of the process of learning, they develop instructional content and redesign curriculums and courses for an effective e-learning experience. They know the process of getting emotionally connected with the audience through developing innovative instructional strategies. They also possess highly relevant skills and implement the latest tools and technologies for designing effective online courses that also help in meeting the intended goals. Thus, our pool of experts works 24*7 throughout the year for developing suitable media for the learners and also assists the clients in generating high revenue from their businesses.

Types of Instructional Design Services

Acadecraft provides top-quality instructional design services that act as a powerful tool in improving business performance. This technology is being used for increasing the effectiveness of the training programs. Some of our services include:

Substantive Editing Copy Editing Services
Instructional Analysis Services

Our professionals at Acadecraft analyze the overall goals of the training program and then accordingly provide services. It also covers the evaluation of the target trainees, instructional goals, content, performance as well as an instructional medium.

Content Editing Copyediting
Curriculum Designing Services

At Acadecraft, we also provide instructional design for curriculums. It depicts and depends upon the overall course content. The decision involves the different kinds of topics that are required to be covered and also its relationship with the performance gap.

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Storyboard Development Services

The storyboard offers undoubtedly one of the most conceptual and detailed views of the idea that is being presented. It provides the learners with a screen where they can present their instructional strategies through screen illustrations along with a complete fusion of audio, visuals, and texts. We provide quality storyboard development services.

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Product Tutorial Services

Acadecraft delivers enhanced product tutorials that ensure learning. Especially the brand owners who want to train the people on any specified or newly launched products or software, they use instructional designs for creating various demonstrations or stimulations for enhanced learning.

Semantic Analysis Higher Education Copy editing Services
Online Course Contents

Through the instructional designing services, one will be able to create popular online courses. These courses are created for engaging the audiences and making them teach any knowledge or skills belonging to any domain. Thus, it helps in making content more appreciable and likely.

Semantic Analysis Higher Education Copy editing Services
Training Based Materials

At Acadecraft, we provide quite user-friendly and highly interactive tools for providing instructional designs while creating training-based materials. These designs are provided by our in-house designing experts where they transfer knowledge to their employees through these training materials.

Our Clients

E learning Copy Editing Services

E-Learning Platforms

Our expert designers at Acadecraft provide high-quality instructional design services to various e-learning platforms. As we understand the importance of engaging and motivating the learners we use design elements accordingly which seems appealing to the learners.

Publishing Copyediting

Educational Institutes

Many educational institutes collaborate with our team of Acadecraft for getting top-notch instructional design services for their customized learning modules as per the learning objectives and learner’s standards. Our in-house team always uses user-friendly tools for developing instructional designs for e-learning modules.

Business Media Magazines & Journals Copyediting services

Publishing Houses

Being recognized as a reputed instructional design service provider, some publishing houses completely rely upon our services for creating exclusive and unique instructional designs for their cover page, learning materials, and books to be published. We provide the best-in-class services to our clients.

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How it Works?

At Acadecraft, developing an instructional design module follows a step-by-step process which makes it streamlined.

We begin with understanding the requirements of our clients and accordingly define the methodologies that are to be adopted depending upon the profile and needs of the audiences. Our team performs a thorough analysis of the areas that need to be strengthened along with the audiences for getting a better knowledge of the learner’s profile. Then our designers use their creativity and methodologies for designing the framework of the storyboard. After that, the instructional designers choose the audio, video, and image elements and binds them together to present them before the learners. Thereafter, our content creators develop the relevant content and add media files to it, and finally provide instructional designs to it. Next to this, the instructional designing project is forwarded to our team of editors and quality analysts who will check and verify its quality and make it error-free. Finally, the project is being delivered to our clients.

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