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Acadecraft is a leading EdTech services providing company. We offer quality certification courses to clients for all subjects.
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Key Issues

The certification courses are immensely beneficial for learning industry-oriented skills and the latest technologies. Businesses regularly use certification courses to upskill their workforce. But, the ready-made certification courses often contain either too little or too much content. Such types of courses do not suit the company’s objectives. That is why companies often search for professional certification course developing companies that regularly deliver tailor-made certification courses to clients.

However, many courses developing companies have limited expertise. They have specialist experts in some subjects but lack experts in others. As a result, the clients must constantly juggle between the different certification course providers to satisfy their varied requirements. It causes inconveniences to the clients. Also, the clients might require modifications after delivery. But, many service providers provide delayed responses to edit requests. It leads to unnecessary time lag for the clients.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft has specialist subject matter experts for all higher education subjects, including engineering, medical, scientific, language, and other subjects. The experts strictly follow the curriculums and topics suggested by the clients. Hence, our courses always align with the client’s objectives. In addition, we have experienced quality analysts who check the courses to ensure that they are comprehensive and error-free.

Our experts add multiple interactive and media-rich content into the courses to make them exciting and engaging. Our clients can customise the layout and structure of the programs based on their needs. We develop both self-paced and proctored courses. In addition, we also develop a unique portal for the clients where they can regularly monitor their learners’ progress. The clients can see different statistics like the gradual progress in performance, lessons completed, log in details, and other aspects of their learners.

Our services are incredibly affordable, business-friendly, and have a higher ROI value. Acadecraft always delivers the projects within deadlines. If the clients require modifications, we revert to the edit requests as soon as possible. We guarantee full-time services and 24x7 support to our clients.

Types of Certification Course Development Services

Acadecraft develops certification courses for different subjects and academic levels to satisfy the diverse requirements of clients. Some of our certification course development services are discussed below.

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Technical Certification Courses

The technical experts of Acadecraft cover all the trending technical topics. We develop both advanced level and elementary level technical courses based on the client’s requests. We have specialist experts in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, and many other subjects.

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Skill-Based Certification Courses

The skill-based certification courses include all the latest skills and technical information on the given topics. The clients can specifically mention the points they want to cover, and we will develop the course accordingly. Our experts create efficient courses for Programming, Web Development, Graphic Designing, and many other skills.

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Medical Certification Courses

We have certified medical experts who develop both skill-based and theory-based certification courses for clients. We cover medical, nursing, physiotherapy, psychology, and other topics in these certification courses. Our experts use immersive technology to add life-like virtual illustration videos to explain the various medical procedures.

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Language Certification Courses

The language certification courses developed by Acadecraft are highly interactive. They focus on the overall linguistic development, including reading, writing, and speaking skills. The clients can even add separate reading, writing, and speaking assessments if they feel necessary. We cover almost all the major languages in the world.

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Art & Design Certification Courses

Acadecraft develops skill-based art and design courses that entirely focuses on developing practical art and design skills. Our experts create unique assessments and project works to test the improvement in skillsets of the client’s learners. We cover painting, sketching, digital painting, interior designing, fashion designing, and many other skills.

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Business Certification Courses

The companies regularly require the latest business-related courses to update their workforces. The management experts of Acadecraft continually research the latest topics to develop the most appropriate business certification courses for the clients. We cover digital marketing, social media marketing, project management, and many other skills.

Our Clients

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E-Learning Industry

Acadecraft delivers tailor-made certification courses to the eLearning industry. We cover all subjects and academic levels. We strictly follow the client-prescribed curriculum for developing these courses.

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Educational Organisation

The educational organisations use certification courses to deliver industry-related skills to their learners. We develop appropriate certification courses that can be completed simultaneously along with academic studies.

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Corporate Companies

We deliver customised skill-based certification courses to corporate companies for their internal and business use. Our clients can use these courses to test and upgrade the skill set of their workforce.

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How It Work?

Acadecraft first connects with the clients to discuss the project in detail. Then, we study the syllabus and curriculum suggested by the clients and research the topics. After completing the research, our experts first design the outline and assessment pattern of the courses based on the client’s instructions. Then, we start developing the course content and related animated and media-rich elements. When the course is ready, our quality analysts check the entire course to ensure that the course is entirely error-free, engaging, and appropriate. Finally, we deliver the courses to our clients.

Hence, we connect, discuss, research, design, develop, check, and deliver!

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