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Transform Your PowerPoint Presentations Content Into An Engaging And Interactive Mobile Learning Module

Acadecraft creates rapid presentation based courses suited for all devices and learning platforms for clients worldwide.
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Key issues

PowerPoint presentations (PPT) are effective learning nuggets for corporate training. However, many devices don’t support this format of eLearning and seek mobile-friendly solutions. Corporates don’t have the expertise to convert PPT to online mobile-ready courses.

Clients seek professional conversion service providers who convert their interactive slides to device-friendly solutions. Many agencies don’t have expertise to integrate audio and video content into the conversions. For an accurate conversion they have to pick the right authoring tools to convert. Hence, such expertise and solutions are available only at correct service providers. Some companies are unable to meet short deadlines and handle large volumes of content. This is because they lack experience. Therefore they avail the professional services for accurate conversion.

How can Acadecraft help?

Acadecraft collaborates with subject matter experts and technical experts to convert PPT to device-friendly formats. Our developers incorporate complex animations, transition effects and triggers, audio and video elements. We deliver the same original look and feel in the conversions that enhance the engagement level of learners. Our best-in-class technology lets clients and their audiences access presentations in any browser and device. Clients get engaging media materials in their slides, like videos. We adhere to global publishing guidelines that better suit learners' learning styles when they have free access to the eLearning material. Our exclusive services are available round the clock. Our experts deliver tailored PPT services that are easy to download and improves ROI. They ensure personalized, impactful, and accurate conversion solutions. The trained staff at Acadecraft examines every element like font, graphics, and page layout before sending it to clients' final delivery. We offer round the clock services to global clients.

Benefits of PPT to mobile-ready conversions

Organizations get plenty of advantages on availing conversion services. Moreover, PowerPoint conversions carry meaningful benefits that streamline the learning process for learners. Due to it, corporates get the following benefits by utilizing our converted modules.

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Access anywhere and anytime

PowerPoint presentation courses are easy to access and consume anytime, anywhere. Mobile accessibility is flexible for learners. Therefore, they can access video tutorials and other multimedia assets sitting in any part of the world.

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Multiple device support

PPT presentations are accessible only on workstations or PCs. Notably, the primary advantage of the PPT conversion is it offers multi gadget support. Mobile learning solutions are effective in any learning environment. Especially, learners can access learning solutions on PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

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Collaborative Learning

Peers can easily collaborate with online learning communities with smartphones. Specifically, PPT conversion services make mobile compatible solutions that are gadget-friendly and easy to share with learners.

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Performance Support

Mobile-friendly content offers easy access to content in different circumstances. PPT conversions enhance the learning experiences and give real-time information to learners. All in all, our platform creates a training module that works for your audience.

Clients we serve

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Acadecraft converts valuable PowerPoint solutions that save times for eLearning clients. Thus, we have the perfect learning solution that is easy to roll out in-company training. We create slide-based courses that are just a few clicks and a few minutes away for their learners.

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Australian education institutions rely on Acadecraft to get on-the-go PPT to mobile conversions. Certainly, we curate user-friendly slides and presentations that maximize the productivity of students and college students. In general, we assist clients in creating, host, schedule, manage and track online training activities of learners.

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Industrial Training

Acadecraft creates responsive PPT to mobile-ready courses. Our content developers collaborate with subject matter experts to develop engaging content. Overall, we help different industrial verticals and create training sessions.

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How does it work?

At Acadecraft, we analyze and create the blueprint of PPT to mobile conversion courses. We determine the client’s requirement and ask the developers to execute the plan accordingly. Our PPT to online mobile-ready courses strictly adhere to curriculum guidelines.

The developer team comprises graphic designers, subject matter experts, web developers and IT professionals to align your project to professional objectives. We create microlearning design; short courses; that is agile and fluid.

Our quality assurance team examines and find the flaws in the content. If they are satisfied with the project, it is sent for the final delivery. We are open to reworking if clients are unsatisfied with the project. In a nutshell, we analyze, create, determine, execute and examine before delivery.

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